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  1. Yeah i totally agree with you Really solid advice I was thinking the same But what about using the 8600 instead of 8400?
  2. Hackintosh or Mac Will need either of those, hopefully guides on how to make the apu fully work with a hackintosh drops soon
  3. Waiting for the rumoured upcoming macbook air to drop It Might influence the whole build tho but them the new nvidia 11xx gpus gonna drop too so I guess I'll wait another 30 days
  4. Saw this video of snazzy labs when he posted it first he's using a discrete gpu i guess and a few people have got it to work on forums but i can't find a detailed guide or kext for the same. Got sucked into the apple ecosystem years ago just way more convenient at times for it to work good with my extensive list of apple products
  5. Really tempted to go the discrete GPU way, allows me to dual boot a really capable hackintosh, can't really find a lot of guides on how to enable the vega gpu on 2400g in a hackintosh
  6. Crossed my mind but wanted a powerful cpu that's still capable few years later, gaming isn't a priority
  7. Looking to build a new pc for very occasional fortnite or ea sports title gaming but frequent college productivity tasks. I already have a corsair vs550 550 watt power supply, 1tb wd blue ssd and to hold it all Nzxt Source CA-S340W-B3 Cabinet. Planning to buy intel i7-8700 (not planning to overclock and save a few bucks on cooling), gigabyte B360 AORUS 3 wifi motherboard, hyperx fury black (2x4gb) dual channel memory, an MSI GTX 1060 3gb gpu, and Cooler Master Hyper 212x cooler. The listed parts would cost me approximately 1000$ from indian amazon. And allow me to upgrade to mor