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  1. If only we had time machines, so many problems solved with a flick of a switch, but that could go the other way as well. haha
  2. If I was going to be getting a GPU then I'd either go for a 1050 ti or maybe a 1060 3gb, 1050 cause it's good for 1080p and 1060 because I might want to up the quality of my games just a bit while also future proofing.
  3. Thank you very much for that, I'll take that into consideration and I'll probably save up. Just gonna wait for "Thinkfreely" to reply so I can get two different points of view. Thank you again
  4. I'm from the United kingdom and if you are going to build one, please keep it under £500 don't bother about a GPU I'll get one in a mouths time.
  5. Well I'd like to play games at 1080p and I don't really have a set genre of games I'd like to play, probably free roaming or shooters, maybe a game like destiny 2 or something like that. Also I would like to play 60 FPS or above as much as possible. The case was something that I just decided the pick cause I wanted to see the full ish price of the build (excluding the GPU)
  6. Hey everyone, I'm planning on making my first gaming pc in a few weeks and I've done some research but I'm still not confident in my judgment on whether or not I should buy the parts. I'm from the UK so I'm using £s and my budget is around £500 or less, I'd rather not go over. The computer will be mainly used for gaming but will also be used for light amounts of editing or creative work. At the moment I haven't got enough for a GPU but I'll be getting a 1060 3gb next mount or so. The image below is something that I've thought of getting but I'm not sure.