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  1. Polling Rate doesnt mean Input lag. IDK, why you would want that cancer again.
  2. Well, the Sub Brand Bloody already exists for years by now, and some products can also be found at major retail chains here in middle Europe. As for the Keyboard itself, while i cant give you any Details on reliability, saying that it is the "fastest"(as in lowest input lag) is true as the IR Switches arent requiring any kind of debounce, however it doesnt matter for keyboards imo.
  3. Both are using Office Sensors, the Zelotes SPCP 168A, and the Redragon A5050.
  4. It is bought in from e-signal and causes higher delay in comparison to others, especially with that cheap holtek MCU, also the current ones are using PMW3310, S1 is supposed to have the 3360, which while similar, has a few changes that are detrimental to performance in comparison to 3366.
  5. I know, both are a joke in that regard. :> Not to mention that Finalmouse is BSing harder than ever, talking about "moving production stateside" and other delusional stuff.
  6. Well, they arent needed for gaming. If it would be as advertised, which it isnt, Firmware is a joke anyway.
  7. 30$ are more than acceptable for a mouse with PMW3320, however the performance is subpar due to bad Firmware/MCU Choice, Mainswitches are also TTC.
  8. Well, everything is good enough for LoL. :> On a serious note, i tried playing on a tv once when i visited a teammate(BF4 jetpilot, so not really impacted by lag) and it was just horrible, even on the desktop it was unbelievably sluggish, it is no wonder that you arent seeing any difference. Altough it should be noted that Logitech´s wireless mice are responding faster than a lot of wired mice from competitors, especially when considering A9800, 3310 and 3988.
  9. I would actually rather suggest something lightweight or at least soemthing with reasonable weight for TF2.
  10. iirc it has something to do with some sort of Mcafee endpoint encryption, it would fit as Intel and McAfee are one.
  11. Colour of illumination isnt an indication of the illumination method. Which is actually using PAW3309, an Office Sensor.
  12. ^this, because its A5050.
  13. TBH the bigger problem are the office grade components, the Devastator for Example uses PAW3309 and Kaiche switches(more here: http://adrenaline.uol.com.br/forum/threads/review-mouse-cm-storm-devastator.543692/), how people are satisfied with that is beyond me. EVGA TorQ X3 + Sharkoon Skiller Pro are one option.
  14. woll3

    New mouse

    ? Both Sensei and Sensei Raw are using A9500 for navigation. *G402 uses AM010.
  15. Here we go again.... Zowie costs the same while using cheaper components. Also 9 years would have counted but not 5. ^^
  16. Im no expert on 3d printing but i think you are severely limited design wise in comparison to injection molding, also you need the capability to print with ABS.
  17. Cable, Lighting and Sensor, PMW3366 is adjustable in Steps of 50, while AM010 is adjustable in steps of 80, which is what gave it away.
  18. You have a G302, not a 303, just saying.
  19. I mentioned it in another thread, this is exactly the problem, there is more to it than just soldering some ic in, the FW of the 3090 RAT3 isnt good and neither was the LED choice, not to mention that the assembly is kind of off as well so the light is rather unfocused in comparison.
  20. Well, no surprise given Kingsis shelldesign.
  21. Well, i explained why, the MCU used is below budget tier and the firmware is basically a lag script.
  22. Well, that is acceptable, altough weird, as the best price here in middle europe is ~50€ atm. Just keep in mind thzat it is rather heavy and unbalanced for its size and that its sensor is barely usable above 1000cpi.
  23. Which doesnt change the RAT 3´s rather poor performance caused by bad FW and LED Choice.
  24. Actually, in terms of performance the DA(Freescale S08 + 3989) is above the Zowie´s(Cypress + 3310) and the Rival (Freescale S08 + 3310), as it also has good FW in comparison. However when we are only talking pure performance, nothing can beat Logitech, FW game is on another level.