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    Z390 Aorus Master
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    Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB 32GB
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    EVGA XC Ultra RTX 2080
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    Lian Li PC-011s
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    HP EX-920 1tb, Samsung 860 EVO 1tb, Seagate 4tb
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    Corsair RMX 750W
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    1x Dell S2716DGR & 1x 23" 1080p Acer IPS Monitors
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    Strafe RGB
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    G502 Proteus Spectrum
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    Sennheiser HD 598
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    Windows 10
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    iPhone X
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  1. New Ryzen processors are SO close, I'd wait TBH
  2. So kinda like stacking a raid 0 and raid 1? I don't think that has a name
  3. If you contact Apple Support, they are able to run a remote battery diagnostic and can tell you the exact status of the battery. Source: I work at Best Buy and have an Apple service and repair certification.
  4. I'm looking to sell this PC second-hand. It's been kept in fantastic condition and has had some mild overclocks applied to both the GPU and the CPU. If I were to sell it, how much would it be worth, roughly? https://pcpartpicker.com/list/kVKcCL
  5. I have tried it on both an old and new version, but I can try a even newer version
  6. You can't really just look at one and automatically know the TDP. But in general: More fins, more heatpipes, more fans, and larger design means more heat dissipation.
  7. HP is pretty nasty about third party ink. The only way around it is to either use the actual HP branded ink, or to use the microchips from actual HP ink cartridges and put those on the other branded ink.
  8. Title, pretty much. My logitech g602 keeps failing to reconnect with the receiver. Yes, the receiver is recognized in the software Yes, I have tried replacing the batteries Yes, the mouse powers on and lights show Does anybody have any ideas?
  9. The Regedit did not work for me, or do I have to restart my machine? Edit: I restarted my machine and now it works! Thank you!
  10. I just want to say that I aspire to have a setup like that, but two of my monitors aren't vesa-mountable and I've done the best I can with cable management otherwise
  11. I have a HP Spectre 15 x360 that I won, and it is an absolute beast of a laptop. However, I can't get the trackpad and keyboard to work at the same time. It uses synaptics drivers, but I was thinking of changing the drivers to windows precision drivers (but I'm not sure how well that would work with the larger trackpad). Does anyone have any ideas?
  12. I just need a simple computer to edit 1080p video with adobe premier pro. What kind of specs would I need for this, and with the graphics card and ram inflation right now would it be worth it to just buy the whole computer from somewhere like best buy?
  13. And if it helps at all, the 5ghz channel works okay... Still 1/5th of the download speed of what I used to get though.