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    A thermometer is just a speedometer for atoms
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    Gaming, DJing, Cooking, Music, Movies and Caley Cuoco
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    Long term Raver, been attending raves in the UK since i was 15, still at it.
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    Play Worker


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    AMD Ryzen 7 3800X
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    Asus ROG Strix X570-F Gaming
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    2 X 8GB Team Group Dark Pro 3600Mhz CL16
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    Sapphire 5700 XT Pulse
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    Asus TUF GT501
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    1 x WD Black 1TB, 1 x WD Green 4TB
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    EVGA SuperNOVA G3 650W
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    Samsung C27HG70 1440p 144hz HDR FreeSync 2
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    Corsair H115i Platinum
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    Asus Cerberus Mech
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    Asus ROG Pugio
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    Orbitsound 2.1 Kit, Creative 5.1 Gaming Headset
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    Windows 10 Pro X64

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  1. I will start with 2 examples... 1) We have already seen the 5500XT 2) We already know that Zen 3 is coming in 2020 Those are 2 two I could think of right now. These days it seems like leaks are pretty much guaranteed with any new product, its not uncommon for us to know everything weeks before an official announcement happens. I'm interested in hearing opinions on whether you think this is a good thing or not. Does it help us to know things? Does it hurt the manufacturers? Should they start releasing information earlier to try and curb the leaks? What is the benefit of secrecy at all? Both Microsoft & Sony seem to drip feeding information about next gen consoles officially and in my opinion that's helping them. It makes them seem more transparent and consumer friendly. In the case where its almost impossible to keep things a secret what's the point of wasting money even trying? Heck the slow drip feeding seems to be increasing hype if anything. I think we're at the point where manufacturers should be telling us information about upcoming products sooner than they do. Its almost inevitable that someone will leak something so they may as well get out ahead and do it themselves. Interestingly it seems as though Nvidia are immune from leaks, only recently we had the Super announcement which nobody knew was coming until they dropped the teaser. Thoughts? Opinions?
  2. For $300 you could probably rent a 100 slot Minecraft server for multiple years and not have to deal with electricity bills.
  3. Yep. My uncle has one and I've tried everything including a Low Level Format, never found a way to format it so far.
  4. You MIGHT have to clean install, if the BSOD happens during the upgrade there's a chance it will destroy your install. Make sure you backup anything important before you try the upgrade.
  5. I understand the need for a stable platform, what I don't get is a company spending money on updating a 20 year old design. The only reason Intel would do that would be if the product was still profitable or if someone else was funding the work. It would be like them re-releasing Core 2 but on a new socket with DDR 4 and PCIe 3 support.
  6. Actually yes, in a different thread this problem turned out to be because the poster was running an outdated version of Windows 10. You should be running 1903 at a minimum for Zen CPUs.
  7. Lets be clear though, the 80386s Intel were producing in 2007 were not the same as the first batch in 1985. They were 100% instruction compatible but much faster, IIRC the fastest variant was clocked at 33Mhz. Still technically you're correct and as we all know, technically is the best kind of correct EDIT - Its actually kind of crazy, if you think about it, that Intel spent money on time & resources to improve a design based on a 20 year old process. I guess it shows how many of them Intel must have still been selling.
  8. Its impossible to help without system specs. That message generally means a hardware or driver problem. Since you created the media fresh we can eliminate drivers (as Windows 1909 will include updated drivers) so my suggestions matches above, update the BIOS to the latest version as a first step.
  9. We can say for sure its a UEFI installation as its using the EFI Boot Loader. If the above instructions don't work boot from your installation media, click Repair My Computer then select Boot Repair and see if Windows will repair it or not. If not then its BCD editing which in my experience rarely works.
  10. Head into BIOS and change the boot priority. It probably reset the BIOS settings and changed the boot drive to another one.
  11. HD 6950 is WAAAAAAY to old to run 144hz. You need to buy a GPU that supports HDMI 2.0 at a minimum. From memory your GPU only supports HDMI 1.4.
  12. Its really not that simple. You need to establish if your home connection has a static IP or not. If it does then Squarespace should be able to make the domain resolve to your IP, if not then you need a middle layer called dynamic DNS and preferably a router that also supports it (though that's not 100% required) so when your ISP changes your IP the service can update the domain resolver record to point to the new address. Dymanic DNS will probably cost you a little more though.
  13. Master Disaster

    The AMA

    You're an individual, the best type of person there is. The world would be a very boring place if everyone was the same. Thanks for the answer anyway. I find Ozzie's fascinating, It's almost like the C word is a term of endearment to Aussie youths, at least that's how they're portrayed in the media here in England. Beer guzzling and foul mouthed, very much like English youths tbh
  14. Master Disaster

    The AMA

    Being a female would you say that you fit the Ozzie stereotype of excessive drinking and cursing or would you class yourself as having a more feminine personality?
  15. I think Google went far beyond what any other Android OEM would do. At 3 years your phone is probably ready to be replaced anyway, the battery will almost certainly be dying and holding very little charge. You cannot expect updates in perpetuity, that's unrealistic and probably would hurt the device more than help it as eventually software starts using more resources than the device has. You want security updates moving forward look into custom ROMs. Lineage OS is the best place to start.