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  1. Hey guys, So today I bought a brand new SanDisk ultra 32g. I inserted it into my system and I instantly opened CrystalDiskMark to check the device's speed. After it finished, I opened the device and i found 2 files there. [SanDiskSecureAccessV3.1_win.exe, SanDiskSecureAccess Settings] I was wondering what it was for... so I opened the .exe file and I setup a password. 2 Seconds later the device became write-protected and I CANNOT delete, format, delete the vault that was created, move files, or load files into the USB. (basically it became inoperable & useless to me)
  2. Vilian


    So I was choosing my next SSD and while browsing I noticed that the site I'm shoping on does not include this information. So i googled a few models and I found some reviews that said conflicted things. The models I'm looking at are : SP 512 GB P34 A80 M28, and ADATA XPG SX8200 PRO 512 GB. A random reddit page claimed on the silicon power not having any cache ~ so I looked the main page of the manufacturer and I found information that confirms Buffer cache. So... I was confused to say the least. Can you guys shed some light? Thanks.
  3. Alright so, I own a 29" ultrawide monitor and I'm planing on purchasing a second 27" one. I also have limited desk space, so I was looking into dual arm mounts. So, the question is: will a 27" vesa mount be compatible with my setup, or do I need to step it up to a 32"?
  4. So, we basically all know that IPS is just an all around better panel than TN ~ better colour reproduction, viewing angles and so on. But here I am, choosing my first 240 monitor and I just stubble upon some models that do not make sense to me. How come in my country this IPS panel is 50 bucks cheaper than this TN panel, or about 150 cheaper than this TN panel. I mean, in the past I used to know that TN is generally cheaper, faster in terms of response time and refresh rate but it seems that these stereotypes are gone now.? So what exactly is the difference? Also, can i please get y