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  1. thank you for confirmation. i don't know why but your profile pic really gives out positive vibes no matter when or where i see it.
  2. i had a feeling it is gonna be a CX. but never expected a CV version, has the CV gotten better? i had heard that corsair's CV versions had problems or were one of the bad series. (edit or was it VS series? yep i had forgotten that name.) yes you are right i regret not getting a "full range" version of this. it's in my current build and i was seriously searching for replacement for it. ------ really really thank you for helping and replying on such short notice. Appreciate it.
  3. Amazon.in https://www.primeabgb.com/ And some offline stores Are u Indian btw?
  4. My friend's PSU died today. It was third grade quality either way. https://cpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Intel-Pentium-4-320GHz-vs-Intel-Core-i3-7100U/m7095vsm176913 Plz click on the link to see the name of processor Computer specs - CPU - the Pentium 4 from above link GPU - no, there is no gpu Hdd - 500gb Ram - 2gb (Yes the thing is ancient.) India Currency rupees [I know i should not use that website but the screenshot of his computer specs... we both don't have it now, this is the only link left which i
  5. *i repeat dont forget to check the prices of FANS* for longevity NOCTUA for temporary Arctic's P14 considering you are going to change them when you have good budget
  6. that was one of best tldr on this forum i have ever seen.
  7. title of this thread, plus i was going to recommend some psus but they got already recommended. i have heard asus, msi, aorus have bad psus (exception asus thor top most version) so i wanted to confirm about aorus.
  8. i am interested to know about your GAMING chair, pun intended, office chair, what is it's name, price, name of company, where did buy it? (yes i have been trying to find such chair)
  9. if tv has a power on/off button try that. if that doesnt work it's about remote then.
  10. your profile pic matches with what you said (in the above quoted text), that's a praise.
  11. if you have this cooling setup i really would like to hear more about temps and all.