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  1. oh my god this is like "the" mountain of knowledge i was looking for so long!!! thank you very much! and thank you for suggestions. (why didn't i meet you before?!!)
  2. ah this is a three year old thread start a new one and call the customer service, take care.
  3. Is language divided in parts (not literally but by people) to understand/learn it? If so could u tell ur favourite language's noob,normal/mid,pro parts?
  4. Thanks for this reply, this is the kind of people and answers/replies I need right now. I salute thee. There are videos on freecodecamp whole YouTube channel titled this this language in 6 or 11 hours What does that mean? (Does that mean one they cover everything in that time period?) What is true/real meaning of this kind of videos are they legit? I want to know what do u think about it? (I am presuming u know how to code)
  5. now this is interesting to me (bcuz i have nearly zero knowledge about this stuff). why did you say 'bit of'? (curious to know even if it goes beyond the scope of this topic) now i am getting questions like who made these languages? and why are there that many? do they some advantages over one another? is there a book that answers questions like this? do u have any books recommendations or any other recommendations? that would very helpful. @DriftMan i see. @fpo
  6. i want to make my own youtube-dl like software (no not to sell just my own project on git) what do i have to learn to that? (zero knowledge of coding here) (an undergrad here soon joining computer engineering course)
  7. Requirements - 1) 8 HDD space 2) should be able to use AIO with 240 or 360 radiator when 8 HDD are mounted and are in use. 3) motherboard I am gonna use is ASUS DARK HERO. Case I am considering right now is 1) fractal's meshify 2 xl (bcuz of it's modularity) Q)can I have fans (noctua) on front mesh while 8 HDDs are mounted + an AIO of 360mm length on top panel (inside the case ofcourse) or do I have to remove those fans if I have to mount 8 HDDs? Q) which AIO do u recommend if I want a screen on it which can show CPU,GPU temps?
  8. Does dark hero supports ECC "unbuffered"? yes it does! Side notes : (highly recommended to JUST read) -: https://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?112750-List-Asus-Motherboards-that-Support-ECC-Mode-with-Ryzen-(ECC-Enabled)