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    East Coast USA
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    Android Modding/Rooting, Gaming, Overclocking & Laptops/SFF PCs.


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    Eluktronics THICC-17 (Clevo X170SM-G)
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    32GB (4x8GB) DDR4 @ 3200Mhz
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    GeForce RTX 2080 Super
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    Clevo X170SM-G
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    512GB PRO-X NVMe, 2TB Silicon Power NVMe, 4TB WD Passport USB-C
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    2x 280W
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    Internal IPS (1080p@240Hz w/ G-SYNC), Asus VG248QE (1080p@144Hz), 2x Dell SE2417HGR (1080p@60Hz)
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    Corsair K70 LUX RGB (MX Blue) & Integrated
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    Logitech HERO G502 SE
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    Integrated + Some cheap sony earbuds
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    Project Blackout (Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC)
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    All the info above

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  1. I decided to try farming with some HDDs I have lying around collecting dust but no matter what I tried I kept having constant problems, the Chia windows app would go completely white or crash randomly (which obviously isn't great when it has to run uninterrupted for hours at a time to plot). Even with those issues I could sometimes get ~5-6 plots done a day (with my server and laptop plotting) but even at that rate (which wasn't stable because of the issues I mentioned with it crashing) the network size is growing way too fast for me to even stand a chance. it would take anywhere from a m
  2. Hmmm, Chia mining seems interesting, I've got tons of hard drives laying around....
    I might as well at least give it a try

  3. Where does Microsoft say OneDrive is encrypted? I would assume it is on the 'How OneDrive safeguards your data in the cloud' page but it's conveniently missing. I really wouldn't trust any company saying they don't have access to your data that's stored on their services, however Mega was built on the idea of making it impossible for them to know what's being stored (so they can't be legally viable for what's on their services) so if I had to trust someone it would probably be them. How much data are you storing? It looks like you can get 1TB drives for ~€45 and 6TB drives for ~€9
  4. I haven't had any problems with Microsoft but I have had a similar thing happen to my Mojang (Minecraft) Account. About a year or so ago (maybe longer now, I don't remember) I had this issue where every time I logged in it would fail and send me an email saying 'there was a security issue with your account' and force me to reset the password, after dealing with this for like 2 months they eventually stopped sending password reset emails and I've contacted support multiple times and haven't gotten any response. If the account was more important I would probably call them but as it i
  5. (I don't have very much experience with virtualization) would it be possible to use the GPU simultaniously in both the host and guest with this? Just curious.
  6. Yeah, problem is the TB16s are ~$25-$30 and the cheapest wd19 (I can't find anything called TB19) one I could find is $110 so.... I'll probably end up just getting a TB16 and hopefully it works well enough. I have this Thunderbolt Control Center Application, I don't think I've installed the Intel application separately, maybe it installed with windows or drivers.
  7. Yeah, I have 0 experience with Thunderbolt, this is my first machine with it. If you think that dell brick is big the laptop has 2 even larger bricks XD I don't really care. (especially for the dock as it won't really move from the desk) I'll probably get one and see if it works (but I'm gonna find one with returns in case it doesn't work).
  8. I had an old Precision, I actually have 2 of those Dell 240W already I was trying to find a dock that can do 3 displays (either 2 DP or 1 DP & 2 HDMI (I have a DP to 2x HDMI adapter)), at least 1 USB 3.0 (I have a USB 3.0 hub), ethernet & audio because that would reduce the cables I have connected to the laptop from 8 to 3 (only 2x Power & Thunderbolt to the dock).
  9. these docks are really cheap on eBay, I googled around and most of the questions are people asking if it worked for older USB ports. The dell documentation doesn't really say much about it either. theoretically it's just thunderbolt 3 so I guess there wouldn't be any real reason it wouldn't work....
  10. MPX is the 'standard' that Apple made for the new Mac Pro (afaik it's basically a PCIe 16x slot with a second connector for power) it won't work in a normal PC without modification. I assume it's the same GPU as a Radeon Pro W5500, maybe slightly faster. The only benchmark I could find was geekbench and it says it's slower than both an RX 580 and a W5500 non-x. I don't really trust geekbench anyway, it's performance probably isn't anything to write home about. https://browser.geekbench.com/metal-benchmarks I doubt it, can't imagine many people are buying second ha
  11. I actually looked into it. You can enable the built in one but it's pretty broken:
  12. So, I've been messing around with customizing Windows Installs lately and finally somewhat finished making both a cut down version of LTSC 2019 which skips the OOBE as well as an installer for a bunch of software and tweaks to improve the experience. The Installer is completely separate and can run on any install of LTSC 2019 (haven't tested other versions and because it's messing with custom themes I wouldn't be surprised if it has issues on newer versions) Disclaimer I wouldn't run this under your current install as there's a chance it will break things. You're using
  13. Ok, so debloated LTSC 2019 image is done. For some reason it takes ~10-15 minutes longer than the stock image when installing in a VM but I'm calling that good enough.
    I'll add it to the post about Project Blackout once that's finished.
    I wanted to have the oobe just ask for a local account name and password but there isn't a way to do that without also having to put it security questions and answer all the privacy toggles. So it just completely skipped oobe and dumps you on the Administrator desktop with a script that asks for a new username and password, then disables the Administrator account and logs out. Works well enough.


    1. Murasaki


      Just to make things clear, are you going to release this in a theme form or an entire windows image for it? 

    2. Mnky313


      Just now, Murasaki said:

      Just to make things clear, are you going to release this in a theme form or an entire image for it? 

      It's 2 parts.
      The debloated LTSC 2019 image & a installer that installs are the apps/tweaks/theme.

      If you just want the theme it's not made by me, it's called xWin
      You do need to install UltraUXThemePatcher & create a task that re-applies it in the background at unlock because it breaks whenever you lock the PC for some reason.

    3. Murasaki


      Lmao. I should really someday start learning in-depth about theme creation.

  14. Why is it so difficult to make a custom windows image XD
    Adding programs or even a simple script to run at first logon causes it to hang for minutes-hours.....

    1.   Show previous replies  1 more
    2. Mnky313


      Just now, Murasaki said:

      Maybe the base windows image you're working with is just buggy? 

      maybe, I've been working off of the LTSC 2019 image I have. The image itself seems to work fine for installs but maybe it just doesn't like being modified.

      I guess I can try modifying a standard Pro image tomorrow and see if that works better

    3. Mnky313



      Ya Don't say

    4. Mnky313


      Ok, so it's possible I'm just expecting it to be faster because usually there are more parts,
      A full install of the debloated LTSC image takes ~25 mins (from booting of ISO to sitting at the desktop)
      But because I've disabled the out of box experience it's possible that it has more stuff to do at first boot rather than during first login (as they are combined in this image)

      Either way, that's enough for now. Now I create a script to do everything post-install (this also has the added benefit of technically being able to be ran on existing installs though I don't know how much I would trust it...)


  15. Little teaser of a project I've been working on...

    I plan to release it soon.

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    2. Mnky313


      2 hours ago, Mnky313 said:

      it appears something I've done breaks sysprep/the windows installer, guess it will be a 2 part install (a stripped down ISO that installs standard windows & a installer script)

      Update: Actually it does eventually complete the install (except sysprep takes over 30 minutes and first boot takes well over an hour (so it's still probably going to be a 2 part install...)

    3. Prodigy_Smit


      4 minutes ago, Mnky313 said:

      first boot takes well over an hour

      ooo my patience would not allow me to wait. I would think it crashed or something.

    4. Mnky313


      Just now, Prodigy_Smit said:

      ooo my patience would not allow me to wait. I would think it crashed or something.

      yep, I thought it did but decided to leave it and eventually it did finish first boot but that's just insane... no idea why it takes so long.