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  1. "Best" is subjective to what you're doing with the software. What do you need to edit? Do you need to apply cinema-like effects to 4K videos, or just move some clips and crossfade them? If you only need to edit a few things, you can download a free trial of something such as Sony Vegas, or you can just use Windows Movie Maker.
  2. They are untradable and can't be gift wrapped, and they're selling on eBay for upwards of $100+ USD. Good luck.
  3. What are you editing? 5 minute 720p clips, or 4K movies? Also, what are you editing for? What are all the programs you will be using? Things I would change regardless: 4960x is overkill, get a 4930k if you need that kind of power Overkill motherboard Need a better cooler Need IPS monitors 64GB of RAM may be overkill
  4. From their official site, plus here's a VirusTotal scan.
  5. I've done it with my Tomato flashed router, what router and firmware are you using?
  6. Yes, if a monitor is 60Hz, you can only see from 0-60FPS, anything above that is wasted and may cause issues. Same with 30, 75, 120, 144, 240, etc. It's not displaying those extra frames at all, it just shows 60FPS regardless.
  7. Did you turn it to wumbo? Try running the launcher as administrator in the game files
  8. Did you verify the files through Steam?
  9. Hotspot shield if you want free, but keep in mind that a free VPN won't provide nearly as much protection and speed as a paid one. You should just cough up the money for a paid VPN, it's really worth it and they aren't too expensive. I can recommend Private Internet Access, it's only $40 USD a year.
  10. USD Prices: Sennheiser Orpheus ($30,000+) Sennheiser HD 800 ($1,500) Beyerdynamic T1 ($1,000) Audeze LCD-3 ($2,000) Stax SR-009 ($5,000) These are considered some of the absolute best, but we can also give you the best within a price range.
  11. The 1TB WD Black is really one of the best HDDs in the sub-$100 price range, I would recommend it.
  12. Still, I could surely recommend Lego Batman. One thing to consider is that you're better off playing these with a controller rather than keyboard/mouse.
  13. Installing OS X won't cause a performance decrease in Windows, only less drive space. There is a performance decrease in OS X compared to Windows. You can dual boot Windows and OS X. Please post your full system specs, as Hackintoshes require very specific hardware to run properly. You also might want to ask over at the Tonymacx86 forums, they will most likely be more help than us as this is mainly a PC forum.
  14. It will work, but it will be pretty sluggish. I would recommend something like an i5 or maybe even an i7 if you can save up to afford it. As for the editing tools, Paint.net for picture editing (GIMP is good too), and Windows Movie Maker are my favorites. Paint.net gets the job done for most editing tasks like cropping, changing color tones, adding text, etc, but for anything intensive, you might want to use Photoshop. WMM is fine for basic editing, but you can't do many effects.
  15. Eyefinity is for AMD cards, Surround is for Nvidia cards. You can't use Eyefinity on Nvidia, and you can't use Surround on AMD. They're both the same concept of running 3+ monitors to act like one very wide monitor in games, but have some slight differences.
  16. Automatic updates, realtime file scanning + website blocking, another scan mode, and automatic scans.
  17. 228/414 The real question is how many will I actually play...
  18. I know you can get Pepsi and Mountain Dew without HFCS (labelled as throwback), but I'm not sure about Coke products.
  19. You might want to look into a Linux such as Ubuntu or Mint if you don't have any apps that require Windows. I doubt Windows 8.1 will run on that without crashing and burning.