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  1. Looking for Wii U owners who are going to buy and play Super Smash Bros Wii U once it comes out Nov 21st, still a good more than two weeks to go but still. If you do play or are interested in playing with people from LTT. Leave your NNID(Nintendo Network ID) below. My NNID if you wish to add me is: theawesomejman Thanks.
  2. Wii U & Gaming PC is best combo, Wii U for Smash Bros and PC for everything else. If a Halo fan, Xbox One after price drop for Master Chief Collection and PC.
  3. Not that I'm doubting your participation, but could you point where and how you participated? I didn't catch you in the videos...
  4. I suggest trying to aim for a higher clock, with a higher VCore, but yeah you struck gold. Almost seems unreal to run 4.7 GHz at 1.1VCore
  5. Thank you, but this thread is only for the i5 4690K and i7 4790K Devils Canyon only. Please stay on topic.
  6. This thread is specifically for Devils Canyon, two CPU's and to uncover their potential and whether they live up to the hype. That thread as far as I know is a general Overlock thread, this is just specific, whereas the other one is general. This saves time and hopefully only contains relevant info to Devils Canyon Overlocking, unlike the other one. Hope you get what I'm saying.
  7. They can add that information if they want to, I don't want this to become what's the best way to cool a CPU, but yeah you got a point.
  8. Simpy put this thread has been made in order to get an idea of the results various different people have been getting with their i5 4690K's and i7 4790K's, anywhere from the worst chip to the best chip on LTT. I personally am getting my own in a few weeks and will be sharing my results on here. This format would be appreciated: CPU: i5 or i7 Highest Overlock: Highest Stable Overclock: (Minimum 12 hours) Vendor: (Place where you bought it from) All in all this should help give everyone an idea on the average highest OC achieved in general Whether the chips live up to the hy
  9. buying this with the alpha access ticket, unsure on which of the two ships to buy getting into this game, know nothing, want everything thanks
  10. if going for h220 make sure you are revision 2 Revision 1 is the faulty pump model. If only rev.1 is available, or you are unsure look elsewhere...
  11. They can require all they want, truth is it´s gonna run fine at 1080p especially... now watch dogs at 1440p or 4K might reach 3G of VRAM usage, but 1080p? Hell no.
  12. haha those are basically the PSU´S that I listed at the top
  13. I have money... what M.2 is on your Mac?