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  1. I don’t think it was due to the PSU. Most likely the OC on my cpu or the OC on my guy. I’m bone stock on both right now so I’ll do one at a time to see where the issue was
  2. Right but you’re talking about right now, not 4 months ago
  3. They’re $100 more. The ASUS board is $150. That’s not value.
  4. So that shows that it’s right in the middle under a bunch of boards that are meant for overclocking. I’m not sure how you can call that crap. Just because it isn’t the best doesn’t make it crap.
  5. Where do you see that the VRM is crappy? How do you even tell?
  6. I already spent a bunch on fancy cables. It’s too late. I do want to get a 2080ti, 9900k though. I’d really like to be getting a steady 100fps on Star Citizen
  7. What other board do you recommend that doesn’t look like a 12 yr old pissed all over it with gaming colors?
  8. Well shit. I had my 2080 and my cpu but it came too unstable during star citizen
  9. It’s the EVGA G3 850. Apparently I forgot to update that.
  10. Specs are in my sig. I just came across recommended psu lists and didn’t realize mine was considered “budget”
  11. Randomly my pc won’t wake after it’s been in sleep mode. I’ll come over, hit a key or click the mouse, and it wakes but the screen stays black. Does anyone know what could be causing this?
  12. No I unplugged all of my other drives. The only one available is the m.2. Only issue is I didn’t reformat and thought windows would. I had cloned my 1 tb ssd on the m.2 and decided to do a clean install