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  1. hi would mismatched ram work in an laptop with diffrent size? i have an 8gb stick in my laptop and have an 4gb spare would that would ? would i get 12gb ?
  2. i have an Ryzen 5 3400G would it be possible ?,or is there some sort of pcie card with video output like hdmi (not a graphics card) which would allow me to use the on-board ?
  3. is it possible to use the onboard graphics and to combine it with an graphics card ?
  4. hi i have an asus crosshair vi hero with no video ports on it ,does this motherboard do video over usb c ,thanks
  5. hi iv got an d'link dap 3310 and finding it hard to set up ,for some reason i cant get into the settings of it ,iv look at the manual and it says i have to change my laptop IP address to the same as my AP but i dont know how to do it does anyone know how i can do it?thansk
  6. No am new to Kali that’s what I need help with ,
  7. Hi iv bought an Alfa AWUS036AC but I don’t know my way around installing drivers on Linux , iv look on YouTube but there not working .can anyone help .the card don’t even light up .can someone help me,what do I type in the terminal?
  8. Iv got an usb WiFi which needs drives to work ,but am new to Linux ,I have a drive disc for it ,how do you install driver using the disc I got ?
  9. hi guy i bought this usb wifi card for kail but its not showing up ,not even the led on it ,iv got a drive disc ,but i dont know how to install drivers on kali can anyone help please,am using Realtek RTL8812AU chipset https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Realtek-RTL8812AU-802-11AC-USB3-0-1200mbps-Dual-Band-2-4G-5G-Wireless-Network-Adapter-USB/32838722743.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.75aa4c4daRlOVJ
  10. iv tried it but it still wont work?i dont know what to do?how would i do it from the disk i got with it ?
  11. hi am using a Realtek RTL8812AU https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Realtek-RTL8812AU-802-11AC-USB3-0-1200mbps-Dual-Band-2-4G-5G-Wireless-Network-Adapter-USB/32838722743.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.45654c4dyDxYAM, i did get an drive disc but i dont know how to install it the drivers for it
  12. hi am using linux parrot for the first time but my usb wifi card not working ?how do you install drivers for it thanks
  13. still nit working ,i ont know what do
  14. not as i no of ,how can i see ?
  15. hi yeah iv connect it directly with ethernet cable it dosent show up ,when i go on to browser and type the default ip nothing loads,and this is what i get when window try fixing