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  1. The different are just bug fixes on top of fixed some bugs, then fixed more bugs, and finally fixed the random number instruction that caused newer Linux distros, and Destiny 2, to not work + WHEA errors/log spam. Basically the numbers go up when AMD has done changes in behaviour, or added new features, while the letters are for bugfixes
  2. From what I've gathered following the discussions on /r/amd since launch, I've formed a guess as to what happened. AGESA appears to have the advertised boost speeds according to several reports on different forums, but AGESA, which released very close to launch, has the current reduced boost behavior. This is the AGESA that came with the last-minute BIOS update reviewers got two days before release. According to some of the BIOS developers (from ASUS and Gigabyte), AMD might have concluded that the boost behavior in AGESA was too aggressive for long-term reliability, but this realization came way too late, and all marketing information were already printed with the boost speeds of The reason AMD hasn't stated anything publicly yet cloud be that they hope to address this in a future AGESA update, but BIOS developers have indicated that an AGESA exists (or a beta of it), that does not have any changes to boost. The important part is that reviewers (or at least most of them) did the review with the current boost behavior people are seeing, so if you do any research before buying, you're not going to find numbers that are notably higher than what you'll end up with. But it's still a marketing fuck up by AMD that they should rectify in some way. I'm happy with the 3900X, as it performs as reviewed, but I wouldn't mind even higher boost in the future, my Corsair H115i should handle the heat.
  3. Ended up with the Phanteks Enthoo Evolv X Glass. Now just waiting for my 3900X to arrive
  4. I find it slightly weird that they didn't take the opportunity to have a 6 core i7, they do have AMD to worry about after all. It could, of course, be that the 10nm yields are too bad for them to produce anything above 4 cores without major waste, the fact that they did not announce any desktop 10nm is probably a good indicator for that 10nm is still struggling
  5. Thanks for the tips! I hadn't thought about how close the GPU would be to the side panel, I just assumed that it would be fair distance. Maybe not vertical GPU mount then. Also yes, I'm expecting that the cooling performance will be degraded, but that should be fine
  6. Noticed another thing, 801 Window does have vertical GPU mount, which I'd like, but no USB-C. While Pro 900 rev 2 has USB-C, but no vertical GPU mount...
  7. Oh, that's very interesting, the 801 Window looks great. It doesn't appear to have USB-C in the front though. But the Dark Base Pro 900 rev 2. does, and also looks great
  8. My current case is a Cooler Master HAF X, bought in 2010. I've been quite happy with it, nice and big to work in, lots of room, good airflow etc. etc. But I want something new, I'm not a fan of the look of the case anymore, and it is also slightly damaged and just plain old. I've been sort of passively looking for a new case for years, but I've struggled with finding something that looks like an obvious buy. Part of it comes down to having conflicting desires for the case, such as both interested in a much smaller case, but need room for lots of stuff. I plan to do a CPU/RAM/Motherboard upgrade this summer (Aiming for a Ryzen 3000 series CPU if they don't disappoint, then it'll be either 9700k or 9900k) My main (minimum) requirements: I don't have a fixed budget, I'm willing to pay a premium for a really great case 4x3.5" HDD, although I should probably have room for 6 1x2.5" SSD Dual slot graphics card (but preferably triple) 240mm radiator 5.25" bay for UHD Blu-ray reader, but it looks like I might go for an external enclosure to get a good looking case. Probably needs to be ATX motherboard because needing 8 SATA ports 1xUSB-C and 2xUSB-A on front IO Looks good duh... I live in Norway, so the options available here are a bit limited compared to US/Canada, but I'm willing to import if that will be necessary, so suggest anything you want. I have Fractal Design Define R6 USB-C saved for consideration, my main issue with it is simply the looks. It looks OK, but just that, kinda somewhere between boring office PC and a really good looking one? A recent Tweet from LinusTechTips also clued me in on Phanteks Enthoo Evolv X Glass which looks a bit better
  9. Just want to correct the common mistake, Zen 3 and Ryzen 3 is not the same. Zen is the architecture and Ryzen branding of the consumer CPUs based on Zen. The CPUs coming this year is based on the Zen 2 architecture but is the 3rd generation of Ryzen CPUs. Zen 3 is targeted for the 4th gen Ryzen CPUs, to release next year. Also, don't fall into the trap of calling it Ryzen 3, it is Ryzen 3rd Gen or Ryzen 3000, as Ryzen 3 is a "tier" of Ryzen CPUs (the same way Intel has Core i3).
  10. I'm all for trying out higher framerate on movies. I enjoyed the Hobbit movies at 48fps, they are the most comfortable movies to view on a big screen I've ever seen. But some stuff felt a bit off at times, so clearly it is a challenge to make the movies look good at higher framerates. With today's 24fps movies I frequently get uncomfortable during movies when there is a lot of movement going on, it becomes a blurry mess that my eyes try to focus on, causing strain and discomfort. It is not a big deal, but the only way to fix this is to go for a higher framerate, or really slow down camera movement and movement by actors/objects
  11. Well, Ryzen 3000 + X570 is supposed to release around summer time, so June/July is an easy guess to make, and a good way to make your guess seem credible is to draw the parallel with Radeon 7 on 7. February. At least they tried
  12. From what I've seen Microsoft Teams is a serious competitor in the space, together with Slack and Webex Teams. For enterprise sometimes what appears as the best user experience for some of the users, might be horrible for admins of really large organizations, since Microsoft Teams falls in with Office 365, I assume that it is much easier to manage it than Slack which is completely separate. Also, it's quite possible that Microsoft has given higher-ups in your company insight into future plans to make them jump aboard, it's a common tactic.
  13. The Lite version looks perfect! As long as this is true. The others are just way to expensive (also too big imo)
  14. I've been ripping my Blu-rays for years, mostly because of the convenience of playing them and having the backup, but reading about things like this reminds me to not go digital with my purchases yet, even though it's quite expensive in both per-movie cost and the storage space needed for the movies. I just recently got the setup to ripping 4k Blu-rays, and I've ripped all 93 of them now (I don't want to think about how much those have cost me in total), they're taking up 4TB. And my 163 "normal" Blu-rays are taking 3TB, but not all of them are pure rips, a lot of them are compressed down to 10-15GB files. I need more hard drives..