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  1. Should i buy a 1TB HDD with 3 years warranty or 3TB HDD refurb with 1 year warranty for the same price? like how bad is a refurb drive?
  2. it was me trying to disrespect him.... it was a joke well if its very subtle maybe i should change some stuffs on it
  3. what is this news very unrelevant :>.
  4. i bought a new headset taht have great details but not so good at bass, i mean its a budget headset but i like it Khastadio CS-01 for 52usd
  5. i can stream smoothly with a ryzen 3 1200 and RX580 at 768P no probs. Interent is the main concern imho
  6. tahts actually cheaper maybe ill buy this instead. I really dont know something like a mdr zx110ap cause im not really knowledgable on audio stuffs. i have glasses no so i prefer something taht have a bigger ear pad thingy
  7. well i play dota 2 which doesnt require me to know the enemy position, so what are the sony ones?
  8. ill consider it, but i think im more leaning towards a headphone
  9. idk it broke most of the time and most of them is too big so it get pushed out of my ears, but if you have a reccomendation why not
  10. Welp doesn't seem to be available here so I guess I'm gonna look for more They're over my budget so maybe not
  11. ive been looking on articles and some user reviews about nubwo n11 or xiberia v20. I listen to music a lot when i play games so maybe a mediocre one that can do both would be nice. if someone have any other sugesstion for about 25usd or 350k IDR, The site i used https://www.tokopedia.com https://www.bukalapak.com/ https://www.lazada.co.id/
  12. It used to be normal i can switched them with volume mixer or sound settings, now if i want to use the speaker i need to unplug the earphone. It looks like it doesnt differentiate between motherboad jack and casing front jack. I need help to fix it. Motherboard X370m Pro 4
  13. if it breaks there is a possibility bringing something down with it
  14. i wish it worked cause i have that same problem too :c