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  1. Entry level starts at 4 cores, but Intel need to sell at a lower price than mainstream to get people onboard the HEDT platform. Then it won't make any sense either, when you're going high-end just get a 6 core.
  2. * Then goes and grabs a glass jar and writes with sharpie. "Saving for my Core i7 7740K build" *
  3. These are 1 sided ram slots. One side has a locking clip, the other sides does not. Unlock clip, align notch on ram slot to notch on ram stick. Insert ram into ram slot and push down on it. These 1 sides ram slots were a idea back on the 775 days when the x16 slot is sticking next to it, so when you have a long gpu, everything you need to remove a stick of ram, you will also need to remove the graphic card. New boards these days, the x16 slot is a lot further away, making this idea useless, and I personally don't like them. I fell like I'm going to break my ram slots by manually pulling the ram out, instead of using the locking level to pop it out. Also without the 2nd clip, you can't install ram coolers on it anymore.
  4. It cost them a extra 40K to make this cpu
  5. Well Ryzen is out so it's a great time to upgrade. Worst time to have a broken PC is when you know new parts out coming out but they won't be until end of the year and you need a computer now.
  6. Leaked score showing Intel Core i7 7740K running on a Asrock X299 Professional Gaming i7 motherboard running Sisoft Sandra. It's mentioned that this new cpu will run on socket 2066 with the name Skylake X and/or Kaby Lake X.
  7. have you like uhhhh try reinstalling the game?
  8. Looks like your board might be faulty. Had a system with the same problem. Turns out it was the 8 pin. Leaving that out and with only the 24 plugged in, the system powers on. There won't be any screen on the monitor due to missing 8 pin, but the system stays on until I had to unplug the power cord. There are other system I've encountered with the same type of problem and it was cause by bad ram sticks to faulty front USB/audio ports. Without any spare parts, your best option would be to test each part one by one outside of the case. Now if you have a stock cpu cooler use that during the test.
  9. Well it's obvious there will not be any POST since your ram and GPU have been removed from the motherboard. With only the 24 pin plugged in, does the system stay on. plug a case fan to the board to monitor it.
  10. DVI-D does not have the 4 analog pins that DVI-I does. Display port to VGA is the best option for your setup, this is because Display Port is designed to work with both digital and analog.
  11. You planning to run 4x RX480. Need a big P for that.
  12. Can't see anything from those clips. So did you just try plugging in just 4 pin? The 8 pin is like 2x 4pins glue together. Have you try first set of 4 pins and then the 2nd set? And disconnect everything this also means removing it from your board.
  13. Yep. Try both sides of the 8 pins, left section and right section.
  14. Try plugging with just 4 pins.