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  1. I looked it up. No sweets with letter q in the english language. Oh well looks android p will be the last android os.
  2. Buy it
  3. Then this forum will never exist in the first place. Humans destroys itself through PR...
  4. Translated from Tom's Hardware Italy. Link is in the OP
  5. Aftermath video of the attack have been posted on the web...
  6. Which libtard mod has deleted my post with the diddly hole?! Ltt is starting to lean towards the left and it's not good.
  7. Throw them in for life. The kids are probably screwed up forever.
  8. It needs to be a name of a sweets, not a brand. Then again the one i posted is a brand too. So it's a fail for me.
  9. Doesn't matter how long it takes. Can't update to the latest anyway, unless you got a new phone that runs on Android P Only Q I found was,
  10. I wonder, what sweets starts with letter Q...
  11. Tom's Hardware had lost of its colleague, from the recent terrorist attack that occurred in Barcelona, Spain. May all that perished in this tragic event, rest in peace. Mods if this is not the right section, please move it.,35260.html
  12. Msi xpower titanium
  13. Suggested Exclusive Price I hate acronyms! Does this gpu come with a bp? No, this gpu does not come with a banana pudding!
  14. More like $600. Their excuse, first 6 core for mainstream. Even though consumers got 6 cores on the enthusiast side, 7 years ago with the 980x.
  15. That's a press shot showing the case's tempered glass side panel. Quit the retarded nitpicking.