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  1. Well those are some. Did you see their updated specs sheet with x299 kabylake x and a list of erratas for 1151 and 2066. Some that might be important Note that this does not apply to all class of cpus and some of the workaround is a bios or driver update. Complex Interactions With Internal Graphics May Impact Processor Responsiveness Processor Graphics IOMMU Unit May Report Spurious Faults Processor May Run Intel® AVX Code Much Slower Than Expected Integrated Audio Codec May Not be Detected Executing a 256 Bit AVX Instruction May Cause Unpredictable Behavior System May Hang During Display Power Cycles Display Flickering May be Observed with Specific eDP Panels Processor May Exceed VCCCore ICCMAX During Multi-core Turbo Some Memory Performance Monitoring Events May Produce Incorrect Results When Filtering on Either OS or USR Modes Unpredictable System Behavior May Occur When System Agent Enhanced Intel® Speedstep® is Enabled Display Slowness May be Observed Under Certain Display Commands Scenario Processor Graphics May Render Incorrectly or May Hang Following Warm Reset With Package C8 Disabled Using Different Vendors For 2400 MHz DDR4 UDIMMs May Cause Correctable Errors or a System Hang Two DIMMs Per Channel 2133MHz DDR4 SODIMM Daisy-Chain Systems With Different Vendors May Hang Camera Device Does Not Issue an MSI When INTx is Enabled Processor May Hang Under Complex Scenarios
  2. The one who's going to pwned joo arse so hard in the game, with my ancient hardware, it will make you cry to your mama kind.
  3. Gordon Muh Ung is the best. Used to be with MaximumPC.
  4. Motherboard maker Gigabyte had just announced their server motherboard for AMD Epyc processor. Called Gigabyte MZ31-AR0, the board uses a single socket configuration with 16 DDR4 ram slots. It has 5 physical x16 and dual physical x8, with all of them running at their full speed, except for one of the x16 operating at x8 mode only and 24pin with dual 8pin for power. Bottom right, there is a M.2 and 4x slimSAS for 16 SATA ports, where a single slimSAS can running up to 4 SATA drives. On the I/O, it has dual USB 3.0 and 2.0, RJ-45 gigabit management lan, serial, VGA, ID button, and dual SFP+ 10Gb/s ports using Broadcom® BCM 57810S controller. No price or release date info yet.
  5. Check out HP, Dell, and Lenovo's business line of laptops. They might have some models, you may like. Don't know what softwares your mechanical engineering class will be using, some workstation laptop will have workstation class gpus. The alternative will be a mobile Xeon has Intel workstation class integrated graphics, but a dedicated one is always better.
  6. One awesome feature Diamond had, was the ability to bring up the start menu anywhere on the desktop. So instead of going to the bottom left to click on Start, all you need to do was left click on a blank area on your desktop and your start menu will appear right in that area.
  7. Shows how much technology has improved.
  8. My has a 9 pin too.
  9. Before Bill Gates 3.1, a microprocessor with 640K of L1 cache went obsolete. (Not here for the prize)
  10. There are other issue that no one has heard about it yet.
  11. It's a built in USB hub, so instead of reaching down the back of your PC to plug in your keyboard and mouse, you can now easily just connect through the back of your monitor. Apple's old keyboard, used have have a USB port for the mouse.
  12. With your problem, you will not find the cause of your problem right away. It will take some time before you finally do. Maybe you might be luckier and find it quicker.
  13. Use cpu-z and monitor the cpu clock speed during your test. Install a clean OS on your HDD and run a test from that.