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  1. That was my point, no matter what, they get butthurt at anything. Even non butthhurt things to them is butthurt.
  2. It's easier said than done, for those who are easily butthurt.
  4. Some get butthurt very easily
  5. The person who's jelly you can talk to so many girls and they can't.
  6. Don't listen to those dumb tards.
  7. you spent that much on a faulty board?
  8. Well at least at LTT, you get a non offensive title. Have you seen titles on other forums. Noob, Newb, Newbie.
  9. It sucks that your entire team has to be a bunch of immature twats. Must make up for it sooner or later. Don't want to live with this bad event, for the rest of your life.
  10. Ask her out on another date to make up for it. And stop with your real life status updates!
  11. screw Nvidia! AMD FTW!!
  12. Then they can buy a one way ticket to Antarctica.
  13. Tell your lecturer to keep up with the times, instead of being a over sensitive butthurt fossil.
  14. Standalone don't do RAID, it mostly does JBOD, that means all HDD is combined as just 1 single drive.