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  1. You get 30SV for daily log in https://www.pcgamer.com/metal-gear-survive-charges-money-for-extra-save-slots/
  2. Leaving laptop fans exposed

    The fan are intake blowing air out the back or sides.
  3. In the Winter Olympics we have snow boarding, ice skating, speed skating, sking, etc. Now there is a new event called Keep on Digging, and the only contenders we have are EA, Ubisoft, and Konami. The race to Brown Gold medal of the abyss.
  4. Konami game Metal Gear Survive is charging players extra for an additional save, if they don't want to overwrite their old one. The game only gives the player 1 save slot and when they want more, the player must spend an in game currency of 1150SV, which translate to actual $10 dollars. Any additional save slots will cost another $10 each. If a family of 6 all play that game, they will have to spend an extra $50 dollars, just so each of them can have their own save slot. https://wccftech.com/metal-gear-survive-charging-save-slot/
  5. W98 SE retro system

    Back in the days I was using Win98SE and the max I ever installed on my system was 384MB because I've seen some with 512MB and was giving them all sorts of errors. The info you've got is most likely after Microsoft patched the OS.
  6. W98 SE retro system

    Win98SE does not support 512MB of ram by default. A file needs to be edited in order to do so. Pentium 3 goes up to 1GHz+ back in the day, can try to go with that, but to be on the safe side, don't use anything faster than 933MHz. For video card, ATi Rage 128/Pro or ATi Rage Fury Pro/MAXX, GeForce 256, TNT2 Ultra, or Voodoo 3.
  7. Leaked images show Intel has begun to developed their own discrete video cards. Their very last discrete video card was like 10 years ago with their Intel i740. More slides in the link https://www.techpowerup.com/241669/intel-unveils-discrete-gpu-prototype-development
  8. 2 monitor setup with laptop

    A laptop is just like a desktop, it will allow up to 1 to 2 external monitors plugged into their video out ports, that's either DP, HDMI, or VGA. Once plugged in just hit Win+P. Some new laptop can support external monitors through USB Type C or Thunderbolt 3 with a adapter.
  9. Two version of Windows

    The method is exactly the same since Windows 2000. With 2000, XP and I think Win7. For dual boot, you can customized the title of your OS in notepad. They removed that with Win8.
  10. Two version of Windows

    Go to Msconfig, then boot and delete the unwanted entry.
  11. Work-Folders Encryption Win10 Failed

    So you're talking about the right click folder properties, enable encryption option?
  12. Nvidia next chip now called Turing? [UPDATE]

    They say it's for cryptomining. https://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/nvidia-turing-ampere-graphics-cards-gtc-2018/
  13. Cant remember outlook.com login for windows 10 account

    The outlook.com account you're trying to recover is basically your outlook email account. On another computer, just go to outlook.com type in your email address and click forget password. From there, the fastest way is to type in the backup email you have used to setup that account you want to recover. If the recovery email you entered is correct, Microsoft will send you a reset code where you will type into the required field box. From there you can then create a new password. When you're done, click save. Now go to the system you had the problem with and type in your new password.
  14. Do LGA775 Xeons need ECC memory?

    Socket 775 Xeon don't use ECC. The ones that does are socket 771 and the rams are actually FB-DIMMs.
  15. Cant remember outlook.com login for windows 10 account

    Yes you can do it on your laptop.