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  1. The only hardware that was known so far it's the use of an Zen 2 processor and custom Radeon graphics, and I think solid state storage.
  2. It seems apple is selling the entire case with them wheels, not just the wheels themselves.
  3. Still no price or any information about those Mac Pro wheels.
  4. So Google sends to the specified contacts, 3 months after a person has died. A bit too late isn't it.
  5. Back then every site has the same web extension, it was these past few years where they allowed custom ones. Also international web addresses will have abbreviation for that country like Korea is .KR, Germany is .DE, Brazil is .BR, etc
  6. I see your avatar and I don't get it. You're talking about that poison apple?
  7. Sometimes Mr. Kuo gets it right, something he does not, and I hope this time he doesn't. But with Apple, they good at forcing change on the consumer, whether we like it or not, so well see by then if Kuo's prediction is correct.
  8. So the cartoon I watched when I was little, where they draw cats singing at night are actually true.
  9. Your cousin's cat that they gave to you is meowing because they want their very own suite along with a mini fridge and 24 hour service
  10. Wasn't this already a thing from a while back? I remember seeing it before.
  11. Is the copying just the pattern design of the case, or down to the materials being used?