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  1. I remember they're going to call it Rage, just like the old days. My very first build has a ATi Rage graphics.
  2. All of them are B350.
  3. which is why I said, ... or 29th for those on the other side.
  4. AMD responded that the link is just a link and no money is made out of it. True or now, we don't know, but OP saw a link and automatically assumed AMD is making money out of it.
  5. Rx Vega will be launching soon. Nvidia volta will launch sometime in the future. Intel and amd are making new cpus. There, now it's not a rumor.
  6. So that's tomorrow or 29th for those on the other side.
  7. Why not? Your friend say to reinstall windows for them and never asked for Steam. Same thing here. User asked for newest amd drivers and never a link to a beta game.
  8. X99 deluxe don't have a water pump header. I believe the 2 does, but i could be wrong. For the fan spooling up and down. It happened to me before, can't remember how it was fixed. I think, I reset bios to default. Then head over to fan xpert and ran their fan optimized wizard and then set profile to auto. Not auto then it's performance.
  9. Well then, better becareful about that future install your doing for your friend, like preinstalling Steam for them, cause you're being nice, where they get pissed off at you for installing something without their permission.
  10. Your court case analogy is flawed. Companies who are caught will be dealt with accordingly. They are just not caught yet. As for the 2 groups in this thread. Those who don't see what the fuss is all about. And... Hypocrites. In other news... Leaked rx vega packaging.
  11. A luggage
  12. What's the issue? There are many programs that do the same thing. Add 3rd party shortcuts to their programs. Just custom install. Insects have been genetically engineered where their antenna can receive transmit data. You either don't believe the titantic bs i just made up or Believe in it and paranoia starts to kick in, then runs to the nearest Costco and buys their entire stock of aluminimum foil.
  13. Maybe those who are paranoid about it, needs to go live in a cave. Might want to stop fapping in front of your minitor, cause the monitor is watching.
  14. 99% of the members here went butthurt that a driver update installed a beta game shortcut link. Just delete the damn thing and move on. If this puny piece of link is driving some to the brink of insanity. Imagine what it must be for them, to work at their dream job of being a system builder or work at a computer shop. They can't due to that many installers will add some additional programs. One easy example is adobe flash player it comes with google chrome and google toolbar. Tech#1: uncheck both google programs, install flash and move on. Tech#2: just install it without paying attention to what they are doing. Then bitch about it, like they know everything and start ranting on forums about how google chrome and google toolbar has cause galatic amount of stress into their lives everytime they have to install adobe flash player onto the their customers computers.
  15. I want a laptop with a maximum of 13" or less. Can turn into a tablet, quad core, a current gen dedicated gpu and be like 1.5 to 2 pounds. Needs to have user upgradable ram and storage and a single latch to access everything including the cpu and gpu cooler.