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  1. The chart above only applies when you set your SATA controller in ACHI Title for the charts tells you the physical M.2 connector you're using Left side of chart, tells you the type of M.2 SSD you're using, that's SATA SSD, PCIe x4 SSD, or PCIe x2 SSD. Knowing what type of SSD you had buy, look at the chart on the left and then the right side tells you which SATA ports will work or not. For example. you went out and got yourself a Samsung 960 Evo. Samsung 960 Evo is a M.2 SSD that runs at PCIe x4. So when you install it, into M.2 label M2D_32G M.2 Connector, looking at the "PCIe x4 SSD", SATA Ports 0 to 3, will not work, Only SATA ports 4 and 5 will work. Using the same as above, this only applies when you have set your SATA controller into RAID.
  2. Your CPU has 16 and your chipset has 20, in total there are 36 lanes no more or less. There is no 52 lanes 1x16 = This first slot uses all 16 lanes only from your cpu 1x8 = This slot share the 16 lanes from your CPU and uses 8 of them. When you plug a card into this slot, the first slot (1x16) will drop down and run at x8. 1x4 = This slot uses 4 lanes from your chipset 2x M.2 = This just the number of M.2 connectors you have on your board, and it says you have 2 of them, each uses 4 lanes from your chipset. 4x1 = your board has 4 PCIe x1 slot, each uses 1 lanes from your chipset 3x SATA Express port = number of physical sata express ports you have, each takes up 4 lanes, so that's 12 from the chipset. When you plug in certain devices other parts will turn off due to lack of PCIe lanes available. You can't run all of them at the same time. In some cases, depending on the board, it might reduce the lanes for a certain devices like your M.2 running at x2 instead of x4. Gigabyte knows what they are doing so no matter what, your board will not exceed the 20 lanes limit.
  3. The problem with the A+ exam is the how the questions are worded. Most of the time they are so poorly written it confuses you the hell out and then it don't make any sense. The other problem is the answers to those question. You know for sure the choices you picked are correct, but some how you got them wrong, as if the correct answer is based on what they think, and now what it's actually is. You need to take both hardware and software and it's $200 usd per test, so total is $400. I think you can retake it again if you failed, not too sure if that's the case. After you failed the 2nd time, you'll have to pay again.
  4. winding and unwinding your headphone wires into that, will get annoying extremely fast.
  5. Only selected boards supports multi display from igpu and gpu. Have to set in bios, for it to work.
  6. Looking at Vega, but my GPU isn't dead yet and it can still run the games I'm playing like GTA V. Would be a waste to just toss out a working card. Have to see benchmarks and price first before making a decision.
  7. Pentium 3 800MHz slot 1 ATi Rage XL 2MB AGP
  8. There is nothing on the last part. It's because of the quoted graph cpu chart.
  9. Introduction of Speed Shift v2. CPU reaches peak performance 10-15 milliseconds vs 30 milliseconds on Skylake Intel updates OPI 2.0 to OPI 3.0 Current Skylake NUC M.2 runs at x4 Gen 2, even though it supports x4 Gen 3 It's limited to that for stability reasons A bios updated has been released to fix that, but only limited to just a specific PC Vendor Rest of NUC builders are on their own Kaby Lake will run M.2 at x4 Gen 3, except for Core i3 7100U Y will get 10 gen 3 lanes and U will get 12 gen 3 lanes
  10. My budget is $1 now build me a computer!
  11. Seagate is closing one of its largest hard drive manufacturing plant located in Sozhou, China. This will reduce the hard drive production from 55-60 million per quarter down to 35-40 million per quarter. The closing of the plant is part of Seagate's ongoing "optimization", where SSD has comes down price and increase in capacity. About ~2200 employees will be laid off as the result of this, along with the already ~8000 that was laid off back in 2016 from various locations. If Seagate plans to convert it to a SSD manufacturing plant, by replacing all of the current machines, with those that manufacture SSDs, it's going to take quite some time, until it's completed.
  12. You don't buy pennies and what kind of choice is that?! A magnifying desk lamp.
  13. I got my mother a Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime. It only has 8GB of internal storage, thinking she might not store too much on it, it should be enough. The OS took a good chunk of it and she has a bunch of games installed, where it was left with less than 100MB. So any updates won't install and she can't play her games due to it needs to be updated it. I went and got a class 10 microSD card and moved some of here applications over to run on the card itself. When launching the app from the card, it took forever, so I had to move it back to the internal storage. Then I went and got a UHS3 card and did the same thing. The speed of it was close enough to that of the internal storage, where the speed of that is acceptable.