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  1. May 25, 2018 - The WAN Show Document

    Airplane have autopilot and it also have TCAS where an alarm or voice will warn the pilot so they can take over. Can't believe Uber's design even have a simple alarm to warn the driver.
  2. The ex-genius stated the genius who worked on it did a poor job and should have gutted the entire machine in order to fix it properly. I'm here thinking if the whole thing needs to be gutted in order to change the mount, should Quinn Nelson do the same thing in the first place in order for him to install that VESA mount. Or does Apple let them install the VESA mount without the need to take the whole thing apart, but they have to because the whole thing is so badly damage, where even the original stand can't be remounted. I watched the video
  3. I have not look at the video yet, but how he take it off in the first place, when he didn't even have to dissaemble the entire thing.
  4. Even the forum's not immune...

    I've noticed, when I visit on mobile. The privacy policy page will pop up and I have to agree in order to continue. On my desktop using FireFox. I don't see any of that and the Privacy Policy is a link at the very bottom of the page. Wait does that mean it know I already agree through mobile, so it didn't ask again on desktop.
  5. I have no computer for school

    Do you still have your other laptop? Plug in a external monitor or connect to your HDTV and use that as your screen. Also try it on this HP one and see if that does anything.
  6. I have no computer for school

    Don't know where that $800 price came from, is it for this HP Stream 14 or another laptop? HP Stream 14 is like $199 at most, with some places at $250 tops. Your 2 month old laptop is still under warranty, so contact HP.
  7. Laptop for an Auditor

    Go with 8th gen because you'll save $100 and get more out of the cpu. Do you travel around a lot with it? Yes, then look at 14 inch and below and check out some 2 in 1 models.
  8. I kind of like the Battlefield V game cover. Will look nice next to my BF4 one.
  9. Is that woman an alien or something? I don't get it.
  10. Verizon is one of the first carriers to be selling the REDHydrogen One, the first holographic smartphone by them expensive camera makers, RED. It will be available at Verzion by the end of this year. On RED site, there are 2 models, aluminum and titanium. Aluminum is $1,295 and Titanium comes out to $1,595 http://www.verizon.com/about/news/verizon-will-bring-red-hydrogen-one-worlds-first-holographic-smartphone-best-streaming-network http://www.red.com/hydrogen
  11. disabling integrated laptop graphics ??

    Your GTX 1050 is dependent on the Intel integrated graphics. Disabling the onboard Intel will also disable your GTX1050. To force your games to use the GTX1050, head to Nvidia settings and go to the program section, from there add the game you are playing and select your GTX1050.
  12. Motherboard IO not fitting in

    The I/O is on the back, why would you want to stare at it all the time?
  13. Mechanical cpu overclocking

    Well I care cause it lets me know exactly which IRQ is reserved for which device. Now everything is automatic which is good, but that connection between you and the machine is somewhat lost. For me it isn't new, for some yes.