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  1. Why did he get banned?

    1. Clanscorpia
    2. PlayStation 2

      PlayStation 2

      I could probably make my guesses as to why.

    3. GreezyJeezy
  2. Can i have my ban now please? I'm bored shitless of waiting, the fuck is with these mods o.0, though i liek the mods, cool guys.
  3. I agree, i tend to agree too much when i'm drunk, when i'm sober i give you a peice of my mind straight up, too much for you and weasel dick Don though.
  4. Might go into it myself with my Westmere X5650, 4.5ghz easy on water.
  5. I laid off the beer, i'm sober, now i see the cancer
  6. Good good, this is why you should remain behind a computer and not exist in reality.
  7. It's ok, Don got his passive GTX 480 to 4.7ghz.
  8. Like what? oh yeah shall we have a Vram fight in here? sounds like the usual thing to do at LTT, so why not? I will go first, you need 8GB at 1080P.
  9. My 580's shit, i like it though, why you so mad?
  10. It's ok, you two fag boys will continue no issue, i will get banned and stay away from here, this forum is an utter joke for information.
  11. It's only offensive when it's truth, so by you or Don thinking it's offensive, means it has some truth to it.
  12. Well no you would be snapped in half usually, i was poilte.