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About MeltyMoon

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    Dangerous CSGO Addiction
  • Birthday 1997-03-27

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    gaz12175 / ProSnipor

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    New Jersey
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    Building Computers, PC Gaming (Battlefield, Counter Strike, Phantasy Star Online), Cars
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    Welcome to my profile, I've been on these forums for a while now. It's a great place to meet a bunch of great guys! I run the LTT CPU OC database at the moment, so if you have any free time check that out! Feel free to PM me any questions if you want help with anything PC hardware related :).
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  • CPU
    FX 8350 4.6 Ghz 1.42 volts
  • Motherboard
    MSI GD80V2
  • RAM
    G.Skill Sniper 16GB @1728 Mhz 9-9-9-24 1.5 volts
  • GPU
    EVGA GTX 970
  • Case
    Coolermaster Storm Sniper
  • Storage
    1TB WD Black, 120GB Samsung 840, Some old ghetto seagate 750GB drive
  • PSU
    Coolermaster 1000 watt 80+gold
  • Display(s)
    144Hz Benq, 1080p Generic Dell-70 Hz
  • Cooling
    Corsair H100i
  • Keyboard
    Ducky Shine 4, MX Greens
  • Mouse
    Logitech MX518
  • Sound
    Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro w/ Modmic

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  1. Just wanted to thank everyone for their continued interest and support in this database! I'm crazy busy these days, but I make sure to hop on and edit entries as often as I can! PM me if you run into any issues or concerns, and overclock on! Cheers, MeltyMoon
  2. MeltyMoon

    4600 Bucks to burn

    Honestly build a baller gaming pc for like 3k and pick up an awesome ultrabook or something for 1600 dude
  3. MeltyMoon

    anybody seen this?

    No that screwed with mine as well
  4. MeltyMoon

    Cheap decent headPHONES not a headset for gaming

    If you want to spend 169 you can pick up a pair akg q 701s http://www.amazon.com/AKG-Signature-Reference-Class-Premium-Headphones/dp/B004444OFK/ref=sr_1_3?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1451689286&sr=1-3&keywords=akg+headphones Other than that i would recommend audiotechnica's ad700x http://www.amazon.com/Audio-Technica-ATH-AD700X-Audiophile-Headphones/dp/B009S332TQ/ref=sr_1_12?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1451689382&sr=1-12&keywords=audio+technica
  5. MeltyMoon

    Beyerdynamic COPs for Gaming?

    Thanks guys! Much appreciated!
  6. MeltyMoon

    Beyerdynamic COPs for Gaming?

    I did come by those on amazon, they only issue is that I'm currently saving for a G37 coupe, and I really don't want to push past 250. Thank you for your input though!
  7. MeltyMoon

    Beyerdynamic COPs for Gaming?

    Awesome, thank you! If I do experience electrical noise, putting in a 50 dollar creative 7.1 surround card will more or less fix that problem?
  8. MeltyMoon

    Upgrade or wait for new Cards coming in Q3

    I completely support that route, just give it a little patience and you could be running those mods above a 60 fps average
  9. MeltyMoon

    Beyerdynamic COPs for Gaming?

    Hey guys! This is my first plunge into high grade audio equipment, as I'm looking to replace my corsair vengeance 1500s. I'm mainly looking to use these and a modmic (the COP passthrough mic has been known to fail within a year of use) to create a high end gaming headset and I have a couple of questions. I'm looking to spend no more than $250 1. Soundstage; I know these are closed headphones, so the soundstage and positional audio isn't going to be as good as something open air, but will the soundstage still be servicable for semi-pro counterstrike play? I couldn't really find any good open headphones aside from the audiotechnica 700 and 900x but I have read that the quality and durability of those cans is laughable. 2. Impedence; Being they are only 16 ohm headphones, I don't think I would need an amp right? 3. Running them off of motherboard audio; For now I would like to run them off of my MSI GD80V2 audio chipset. This would be a realtek 7.1 surround ALC 892 powered chipset. I would appreciate any input, recommendations, or questions you have! Thanks all
  10. MeltyMoon

    Upgrade or wait for new Cards coming in Q3

    Personally, keep the 960oc and wait for newer cards. No sense in taking that small jump up if you can pick up the newer architecture later next year!
  11. Randoms on the internet dude, I've had hacks called on me at LEM/SMFC ranks! People are crazy
  12. MeltyMoon

    PSU for SLI GTX 970

    I bought a semimodular coolermaster psu 3ish years ago, I picked up the thousand watt gold model because I knew I was going to run HD 7950s in crossfire. For dual 970s I would say 800-850 would be okay! These new GPUs don't draw that much power
  13. MeltyMoon

    Your CSGO ranks?

    I teeter between L.E. and L.E.M. hopefully I'll see that smfc badge someday
  14. MeltyMoon

    Do you think Your current hardware is outdated?

    I think I have a fairly powerful rig, I might pick up a second 970 just because I'm running 1440p. We'll see, money is tight right now and college is right around the corner.