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    I7 4790K
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    Asus Z97-E
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    G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 8GB DDR3 1600
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    MSI GTX 960
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    Phanteks Entroo Pro M
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    EVGA B2 750W
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    Samsung (Older 1080p)
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    Cooler Master Hyper Evo 212
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    Windows 10

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  1. I appreciate it immensely. Thank you so much. Have a good one!
  2. It did seem like ti was working and then boom it just stopped so I kind of wasn't sure... Could you possibly work me through it?
  3. PS3 media server won't seem to work with it. I'm going to be trying Plex and see how it goes.
  4. So I have some MKV files that my PS3 won't play. I've tried converting them and for a time it did work but not it's becoming a problem. I can't play these files at all and I've tried multiple converters. So I've decided to just take the PS3 out of the equation and getting some streaming device or something that can play the files through USB. Any good ones or something I need to know before I buy one?
  5. Oh no, I'm only paying for 60 but I'm getting 65 but before last night I was only getting 17 max.
  6. So last night, I'm Skyping with my gf and my connection goes down. Doesn't work at all,Its down for a few hours. During this time I tried restarting the router multiple times after a couple of hours it finally comes back on. I was currently downloading a game while on Skype, I check my speeds and I see that its tripled. To give an example it went from 16/mpbs to 65/mbps which is more than I even pay for by about 5mbps. I'm definitely not complaining at all but what I don't understand is why now do I get this insane boost of speed? I switch to Ethernet a couple of months back and my speeds were
  7. No issues atm, I played a few games of csgo which isn't the best game to test it out on but I'm doing comp runs tonight so that'll be all I'm playing. I admit, I didn't do a clean install so hopefully that doesn't prove to have any problems....
  8. Hello, so on the advice of somebody on this forum, I downgraded my drivers a few months back to 361.75. This was quite some time ago and I'm wondering is there something that I should step up to now? Any good set of drivers that aren't completely broken and could lead to some performance perhaps?? I know Nvidia's graphics don't mature very well so for the 9XX series am I just stuck with this driver forever? The last good one??
  9. Microsoft is going the way of EA and Ubisoft. Can you imagine Windows 10 DLC? Goddamn, please let me die before this happens.... You want the hottest new set of features? Buy the new windows DLC!!
  10. I'm playing with closed back headphones on closed to max volume on almost all occasions even if I'm not actually listening to music. (Don't ask) but this g100s left click is having problems and I didn't even have it for 4 months....
  11. How long we talking? One year? Less than that?
  12. Aye thanks for the great insight man, It makes a ton of sense, if you wouldn't mind telling me. How much does a BenQxl2411z cost anyway?? Once I get a 1070 and this monitor I wont be upgrading much of anything for a very long time. I already have an I7 4790k. So I'll probably get one more stick of ram as I only have 8GB atm and call it a day unless I decide to get a bigger SSD.
  13. What's the cheapest G-sync 144hz 1080p monitor? Besides do I really need G-sync if I'm constantly above 100 FPS on 1080p? o..0 Unless it does something extra that I don't know.