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  1. Insurance on the car as it is will probably be about £2000 or more. Modifying it by throwing a different engine in it, regardless of its size, will make that price shoot up or make insurance basically impossible to get for that car. Insurers don't like modified cars, never mind a young driver with a modified car.
  2. TheMcSame

    Car experts?

    First thing that came to my mind as well. In fact, I've looked into it just now and there was a recall last year because of machining errors in production which could cause premature bearing wear within the engine and ultimately lead to the engine seizing. The standard replacement for this was supposedly just straight up replacing the engine, so that probably explains it.
  3. TheMcSame

    Volvo to build electric semi trucks

    When I mentioned diesel, it was in the context of cars, since you mentioned the Prius. I'm certainly not disputing a giant block creates a hell of a lot of drag. However, cabovers are very popular in Europe for a reason, the cab eats into the total legal length of the vehicle. That hood might make it more efficient, but it eats into the total length of the vehicle, though it's short wheelbase may well help with that The problem here is that you're assuming they compete in the same market. Driving over to the next town in NA is a lot different than driving over to the next town in Europe considering Europe's population is far more dense. The Tesla might have better range, but it's still nothing spectacular that'd put it above local multi drops or perhaps a short cross-border delivery. You're expecting companies to do the logical thing and spend money to save money. Companies don't like logic, or spending money to save money, that's why they tend to buy the lowest spec truck they can get away with. It was more of a preemptive thing, since the whole VW scandal, the mere mention of diesel over anything is enough to trigger people.
  4. TheMcSame

    Volvo to build electric semi trucks

    Neither are suited to much more than yard shunter work and local deliveries anyway. Let's not forget the rather large price tag on the Tesla Semi as well... Haulage companies will shell the money out for the bare minimum of what's needed. The Tesla isn't even going to be a question for most companies, the Volvo may well be much more affordable, as far as trucks go anyway, and thus a much more realistic option for haulage companies. Definitely, though I can't help but wonder why Toyota hasn't tried to take a bite out of the HGV market, or in fact the electric market in general. Toyota has the means and the experience, they've been producing EVs for warehouses and whatnot since 1967. Energy efficient to an extent. Though like every other hybrid on the market, in the real world they can't match the efficiency of a diesel engine. "But diesel fumes and NOX emissions" Two words; Shipping - Industry. If you care so much about NOX and sulphur, you should be on their case since shipping fuel is far more dirtier than road diesel.
  5. TheMcSame

    What song are you listening to right now.

    Need some 80's cheese up in here...
  6. TheMcSame

    What song are you listening to right now.

    I was going to post something else, but the Halloween theme going on here persuaded me to listen to something a bit more fitting...
  7. TheMcSame

    What song are you listening to right now.

    Oh hey... Just making my one-off appearance here again... Not really a thrash guy, but I stumbled across these guys and I see a lot potential...These guys could get somewhere.
  8. "Their new developments in the technology has also now just got a $60 million backing from Mercedes parent company Daimler," So... Not Mercedes... On a more serious note though... I'll believe it when I see it. Battery tech has a funny habit of being discovered and never getting anywhere....