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    Intel i5 4690k @ 4GHz
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    MSI XPower AC Z97
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    ADATA XPG V2 16GB 2400MHz CL11
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    Nvidia GTX 980
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    Silverstone Raven RV03
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    EVGA G2 850W
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    Enermax Liqtech 120x
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  1. The cpu cooler is the chunk of metal near the RAM. As you say, slow CPU, LPDDR RAM. It's pretty much just a mini PC in a big case and designed to be passively cooled. I'm not sure why M.2 in a 5 year old PC surprises you, especially on a board clearly designed for use in a mini-pc housing, it's not a new thing. My board has an M.2 slot as well and my PC is almost 7 years old.
  2. Yep... Also the fact that 'Youtube support' is using a Google logo for their picture rather than the Youtube logo is a bit of a flag in my eyes. Like, sure, Google owns Youtube. But if you were talking to Chevy customer support, would you expect the GM logo or the Chevy one?
  3. Heavy handed but I'm not surprised at all. The consumer gets shafted again because of 'MuH cLiMaTe ChAnGe' when the fact of the matter is that big business, shipping, foreign manufacturing, etc are the ones that need to be chased up and hit with much harsher regs. Of course, California only has so much sway. They can't hit some company over in China with their regs. But global problems require global solutions. But it seems like the only solution going is to shaft the consumer at every opportunity and tell them to throw out their old stuff for these new 'green' products. Regardless of whether
  4. I'm not entirely sure that comparison works though? Like, sure, the increase has gone from 512x (RAM isn't sold using base 10 numbers like storage is) to 8x.. The problem is that you're working on X increase alone, which just doesn't offer any information of value. Sure, the first jump might be 512x... But it's only an increase of 1022MB, whereas the 8x jump is an increase of 7GB, just over 7x more space. Yes, the actual multiplication might be smaller, but the amount of space yielded from that smaller jump is significantly more than the first jump. Same applies
  5. I mean, presumably Intel 7 will be 7nm, 4 4nm, 3 3nm, 20A 2nm, etc, and they're just dropping 10nm ESF or something like that. Then again it's not as if these naming schemes are forced to follow any logic anyway so
  6. I mean, I don't disagree. I think we do have to cut down on this 'high and mighty' "YOU CAN'T FUTURE PROOF STUFF END OF" mindset when it's pretty clear people are simply asking whether it'll last for however many years. But once a product becomes obsolete it can't be future-proof, even if it is still of value. Like, I'm trying to play a devil's advocate sort of thing with this saying "It means this, but realistically, we all know what people mean is this". If someone is asking about future proof, it's fine to say it as long as it's not just what you're saying if you get what I mean.
  7. I'm just waiting for the day current gen BEVs are the new diesels... First we were told PETROL BAD DIESEL GOOD, EVERYONE BUY A DIESEL NOW Then we found out diesels weren't actually better Then we found diesels were actually a lot worse (VW scandal) Mark my words... It might not be for another decade or two, but there will come a point we're told these BEVs aren't the climate saviours we touted them as and we'll then be told to buy whatever new alternative is knocking about then like... Let's say BEVs that use man-made lithium for the li-ion batteries or someth
  8. I mean, the problem with "future proof" is that people say it to mean one thing, but it actually means something else. Often times, people say it to mean something that will perform many years from now. My PC is still holding on, not pushing as many frames as it could mind you, but with managed/realistic expectations of the hardware, considering it's age, many would deem that it was a 'future proof' build seeing as it's almost 7 years old and still performing acceptably... But where the conflict comes in is when you realise that future proofing isn't about performing. I
  9. Just spent like 20 mins wondering why I can't sign in on my PC. Yet in a rather odd twist, most things (that I usually do around this time anyway) are fine on my phone?
  10. A patent from August 2020? I could've swore I heard news about something extremely similar a few years ago, on this very forum iirc
  11. Couldn't help but splash on a Mi 10 Ultra. Bit pricey for my liking, but at least they're bringing something to the table unlike most asking for more money. Not particularly huge on the whole curved screen thing, though the hole punch camera is far less obnoxious than I thought it'd be.
  12. Can't say I've had any issues with my Mi 9 so far. Can't say I have any minor complaints either.
  13. My old headphones recently started to tear my ears up, and despite my usual efforts, nothing seemed to solve the problem. They were on-ear headphones (marshall monitors), but honestly, quite comfortable at first. But in the last month or so, they started tearing away at my ears, no amount of adjustments were doing anything and some new pads didn't help either so I just decided to get some AKG K92's to tide me over to a planned upgrade (probably some Beyer DT1770s) Pretty decent headphones for the price in all honesty, though sound wise, it almost feels as if something is missing so
  14. The collab I knew I wanted did not disappoint.
  15. Kind of a given tbh. Cobalt isn't really the sort of material you can just scoot over and go elsewhere for. Pretty sure that, in the last few years, with the recent increase in demand for cobalt (for obvious reasons), demand has caught up, if not surpassed supply. When you're at the point, things like this are going to happen. That doesn't make it right mind you, but it just goes to show you that while batteries might be our temporary saviour (Mark my words, the electric car will be a repeat of the diesel engine. We were told how great and so much better diesels were for the environment, now w