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  1. Just spent like 20 mins wondering why I can't sign in on my PC. Yet in a rather odd twist, most things (that I usually do around this time anyway) are fine on my phone?
  2. A patent from August 2020? I could've swore I heard news about something extremely similar a few years ago, on this very forum iirc
  3. Couldn't help but splash on a Mi 10 Ultra. Bit pricey for my liking, but at least they're bringing something to the table unlike most asking for more money. Not particularly huge on the whole curved screen thing, though the hole punch camera is far less obnoxious than I thought it'd be.
  4. Can't say I've had any issues with my Mi 9 so far. Can't say I have any minor complaints either.
  5. My old headphones recently started to tear my ears up, and despite my usual efforts, nothing seemed to solve the problem. They were on-ear headphones (marshall monitors), but honestly, quite comfortable at first. But in the last month or so, they started tearing away at my ears, no amount of adjustments were doing anything and some new pads didn't help either so I just decided to get some AKG K92's to tide me over to a planned upgrade (probably some Beyer DT1770s) Pretty decent headphones for the price in all honesty, though sound wise, it almost feels as if something is missing so
  6. The collab I knew I wanted did not disappoint.
  7. Kind of a given tbh. Cobalt isn't really the sort of material you can just scoot over and go elsewhere for. Pretty sure that, in the last few years, with the recent increase in demand for cobalt (for obvious reasons), demand has caught up, if not surpassed supply. When you're at the point, things like this are going to happen. That doesn't make it right mind you, but it just goes to show you that while batteries might be our temporary saviour (Mark my words, the electric car will be a repeat of the diesel engine. We were told how great and so much better diesels were for the environment, now w
  8. Because people would rather have a dedicated jack than a dongle that stops you from charging your phone while being used or having to use wireless headphones, which are yet another thing to charge? Plenty of headphones are still being manufactured with a 3.5mm jack, it might be outdated, but it's not exactly an obsolete connector and yet phone manufacturers have decided to remove them for no real reason. It ain't hard to understand why people still complain about it. Tbf, just because you don't like one it doesn't mean you don't like the other. In this case it does,
  9. Got sick of LED lights kicking the bucket after about 6 months so I decided to jump back to CFLs. Hopefully they're as reliable as the last lot of CFLs I used which, afaik, are no longer produced
  10. Pretty sure it's just the sensor, the Hero uses Logi's Hero sensor. I mean... I'm not even sure how you'd review a mouse. It's a mouse. Idk... It's comfortable to use and the buttons have a nice feel? The only real gripe I have is that I feel like there's too much resistance to the scroll wheel when it's not spinning freely. Obviously, when it's spinning freely it's far too loose for regular use, but it's not really intended for regular use anyway.
  11. Had the urge for an upgrade... The start of what's to come I feel.
  12. Gastric acid sits at around PH 1.5-3.5 while many sodas sit at around PH 3, with particularly acidic ones like Coke and Pepsi sitting at around PH 2.5. Many root beers sit at about PH 4+ So, rather hilariously, when you drink a soda, unless you're drinking one that's particularly acidic, there's a good chance you're actually making your stomach less acidic. It should also be pointed out that the acid in your stomach is a mix of sodium and potassium salts, as well as the all important hydrochloric acid, which is a strong acid in it's own right that's also capable of eating through m
  13. The current state regarding vapes is that, when buying legitimate products, it's far safer than smoking. In regards to cancer, as of this point, there's little evidence showing that vaping using legitimate, off the shelf products is harmful. You'll find the vast majority of harm caused by vaping is down to unregulated mods (usually lack safety features that prevent shorting and over discharging of batteries which leads to catastrophic failure), bootleg liquids (bootleg THC pods being the most recent occurrence) and poor battery care (I.E people keeping bare batteries in their pocke
  14. Had an experience with an RMAed phone getting lost a few months back, the retailer looked into the issue and sent out a replacement for me without fuss. Generally the manufacturer or seller tends to foot the bill for shipping, at least in my experience. If they provide shipping, insurance is also down to them. Likewise, should something go missing, it is their issue as the contract for delivery of the goods is between them and the courier service. If you're footing the bill for shipping, the same applies. If the item is lost, it is your problem. For expensive goods, I'
  15. Personally I just like the convenience of being able to just put my phone down and charge it, if I get a call or whatever I can just pick it right back up. Speed also isn't really a huge concern these days with some phones. My phone can charge wirelessly using 20w, it's not the crazy high figures we're seeing in some phones but many manufacturers are still using 18w quick charging. I can literally charge my phone faster wirelessly than some phones can charge with wires and Xiaomi are reportedly already working on 30w wireless charging.
  16. A new boot drive (picked it up not too long ago) and a new phone.
  17. I'd probably echo the above from snowman. Might also be worth giving Xiaomi a look as well. I picked up a Mi9 myself recently for about £450 (looking on Amazon.ca, you can get one for about 550-600 CAD, the 64GB version going for a bit less), the sort of price (at least here in the UK) that most flagship phones were going for just a few years ago and it certainly isn't lacking in features either. My only gripes with it: The camera bump - It sticks out a fair bit. Not as bad as that one Nokia but I haven't seen many camera bumps as bad as this. No app d
  18. Insurance on the car as it is will probably be about £2000 or more. Modifying it by throwing a different engine in it, regardless of its size, will make that price shoot up or make insurance basically impossible to get for that car. Insurers don't like modified cars, never mind a young driver with a modified car.
  19. TheMcSame

    Car experts?

    First thing that came to my mind as well. In fact, I've looked into it just now and there was a recall last year because of machining errors in production which could cause premature bearing wear within the engine and ultimately lead to the engine seizing. The standard replacement for this was supposedly just straight up replacing the engine, so that probably explains it.
  20. When I mentioned diesel, it was in the context of cars, since you mentioned the Prius. I'm certainly not disputing a giant block creates a hell of a lot of drag. However, cabovers are very popular in Europe for a reason, the cab eats into the total legal length of the vehicle. That hood might make it more efficient, but it eats into the total length of the vehicle, though it's short wheelbase may well help with that The problem here is that you're assuming they compete in the same market. Driving over to the next town in NA is a lot different than driving over to the next town in Europ
  21. Neither are suited to much more than yard shunter work and local deliveries anyway. Let's not forget the rather large price tag on the Tesla Semi as well... Haulage companies will shell the money out for the bare minimum of what's needed. The Tesla isn't even going to be a question for most companies, the Volvo may well be much more affordable, as far as trucks go anyway, and thus a much more realistic option for haulage companies. Definitely, though I can't help but wonder why Toyota hasn't tried to take a bite out of the HGV market, or in fact the electric market in gen