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  1. Microsoft overpaid for what is currently a garbage company.
  2. I'd just like to play AC: Odyssey on higher than medium settings and staying above 60fps on 1440p. My 1070Ti just isn't doing the job anymore.
  3. When I finish AC: Odyssey, do I play this or FarCry 5?
  4. If Fortnite is the only way in the whole world your kid can be happy, you are a terrible parent.
  5. Or screen their donations. If they allow everything to post a message, then they are allowing advertisers to take advantage of it. If they want to restrict messages, then they have to screen/approve them as they come in. Either donators can post what they want, or they can't, and if they can't, that's how you enforce it. The alternative is to just now allow people to have their message come up on screen. The advertisers are playing within the rules.
  6. This is a lazy answer. Either the streamer endorses everything that shows up on the stream, by screening the donations and only allowing certain ones, or he accepts everything that shows up. It's their own fault they didn't consider that someone might use it to advertise and it was on them to put in place any kind of filter for it. "That's not fair!" and "I didn't realize that might happen!" is a poor excuse. This is harmless, it's funny, and it's exceptionally clever, and perfectly within the system set up by the streamers themselves. The streamers should just go "Ah, that was smart..." and them implement some system for preventing it in the future.
  7. Yes, please whine some more about how someone gave you money. Good on Burger King. Now I need some chicken fries. Did you know that you can get an order of BK® Chicken Fries for only $2.99 on the BK® mobile app?! Download now for free!
  8. I'm just here to join in the outrage without any understanding of what it actually means.
  9. You're wrong, unfortunately, it's not good. Some ownership verification would be more useful, but there are many perfectly valid reasons to post a review of a game within fewer than 36 hours. You could reasonably form a negative opinion of a game within a few hours, or even minutes. Maybe there's some really dumb control scheme you can't edit, maybe there's some game breaking bugs. Maybe it's otherwise unplayable to you for other reasons. It would be important to be able to let people know about those in a review before other people waste their money. Especially when services like Steam only allow refunds within the first two hours of playtime. Don't want your game to get a bunch of negative reviews? Don't make a crap game. Maybe do what Yelp does. When there are a bunch of negative reviews, they leave up the ones that are there, and suspend new ones while they investigate if they are legitimate reviews.
  10. No, I'm saying based on the few replies I've seen from you so far, you fit the stereotype of the entitled, know-it-all customer who ends up having to call us because you forgot to turn it off and turn it back on, that justifies our reactions.
  11. I'm not saying it's okay to yell at a customer, I'm saying that we get a lot of people who say "I know what I'm doing, don't treat me like a moron", and they definitely don't know what they are doing and we have to treat them that way, so you should understand that we are doing this all day with morons, so have a bit of patience and let us go through the troubleshooting steps with you.
  12. I don't understand the infrared picture. In order to make something cold, it has to remove heat. If from the back, we see the cold side, then is the hot side against the user? Shouldn't we be seeing all the heat it's exhausting instead?