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    AMD Ryzen 9 5950x
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  1. I noticed the HX850 has been removed from a number of Australian retailers in the last few weeks. Just poor stock levels or a refresh incoming?
  2. FYI, There's a pretty good interview with David Weston, partner director of enterprise and OS security at Microsoft, that goes over the reasoning behind the requirements: Windows 11: Understanding the system requirements and the security benefits - TechRepublic
  3. Please take your strawman elsewhere. I have no problem with privacy concerned people, I have a problem when that energy is misplaced into nonsense like this due to people being unable to read privacy documentation correctly. My post was specifically around windows telemetry and how it ties to Microsoft's goals as a company, you've managed to write a reply to an argument I wasn't making. Just an FYI that Microsoft's privacy statement is a global document that aggregates literally everything Microsoft does across all of its business units, from the Microsoft website, to Azure Cloud to Bi
  4. This is a real yikes of a thread. We've got an editorized /r/pcgaming repost further editorized by the OP of this thread. It's not even a "Security Hole", it's just a normal REST endpoint that the platform uses for loading users. After NightNord posted the original thread, a number of accounts were identified that definitely exist but didn't appear on that endpoint. It was theorized that the endpoint was just a cache for active accounts that have been interacted with recently (ie a redis cache for performance), but even after poking two missing accounts within Spectrum, neither sho
  5. This shouldn't really surprise anyone. Microsoft wanted access to the recommendation engine, and would've made sweeping changes to the platform so it aligns with its internal security & privacy standards (which are extremely high, regardless of what you think of Microsoft). Oracle will be almost completely hands-off and just let the app sit there as some kind of weird advertisement for its archaic cloud platform. Maybe you'll see a "Installed on x billion devices" line when you first open it.
  6. Your research clearly sucks then. Otherwise you would've quickly discovered that the triangle of "Microsoft's main revenue source", "Microsoft's product strategy", and "Microsoft's privacy policies" certainly doesn't equal some melodramatic grand conspiracy where Microsoft went out of their way to harvest your personal information. Microsoft is now a cloud services company, and Windows is nowhere near its main focus. Microsoft actually goes to great lengths to scrub, anonymise and aggregate inbound data into non-identifiable sample points, and has internal teams dedicated to mainta
  7. This is honestly one of LTT's worst videos, as it really demonstrates the limits of Anthony's technical understanding of the underlying system he's trying to explain. The most egregious part is when he states that Explorer is more responsive because it usually has to "update some log in the background that's gotta go off to microsoft". Not only is this false, you basically just called Microsoft's engineers a bunch of morons who don't know how to implement a non-blocking, asynchronous background queue (hint: event logging is a non-blocking operation). As usual, there's n
  8. Probably the biggest thing is the introduction of Henry Cavill (Superman) as a pilot. Oh, and it was announced today that SQ42 is tech-complete, with a release roadmap to be published in december. Object Container Streaming was the last piece in the technology puzzle as it's required for good performance within a large play area. Said technology was released for testing today with Alpha 3.3, massively improving general performance. In other news, with Alpha 3.3 they're releasing a public portal that'll allow you to see performance data CIG is receiving from client
  9. As usual your blanket negativity results in you ignoring the number of benefits that UWP provides, and the future of Windows as a whole. UWP allows for clean installs and uninstalls. Application files are kept in a single location and not scattered around the place. A single click removes all trace of the application from the system. UWP also enforces behaviour consistency, with all UWP games running in a native borderless window that can be exited or minimized at any time. Additionally, UWP allows for simple permission management, with permissions required to be grante
  10. I've been playing 3.0 since the first PTU release. It's a nice patch and all, but CIG was unable to get network bind culling working properly before release (a test run basically resulted in doors deciding not to be apart of the ship they were attached to and floating away), meaning client performance still goes out the window as more people join the universe server. I know a lot of improvements were made, with a 60 player 3.0 server about equalling performance to a 24 player 2.6.3 server, but I'm disappointed they decided to rush out a christmas release with a vital performance feature missin
  11. It is. If anything, CIG could argue that both games share the same codebase (SQ42 levels are stripped from the SC build at release, but otherwise are identical in terms of engine/assets), and therefore are separate in name only.
  12. It's a pretty interesting case. Crytek's complaint of course is designed to bolster their position as much as possible. CIG's response to the claims will be important but has yet to happen. Wouldn't really take months, CIG would just do the same thing they did for the Lumberyard move, as in rebase their years of changes on to CE 3.7. The only item to be cut would be the proprietary fog tech they took from lumberyard. The game isn't out so therefore it's a money laundering scheme? lmao. CIG is paying for the operations of 5 studios and over 400 personnel. They also get e
  13. I can't reproduce this right now. It's possible that it's already been fixed.
  14. You must be fun at parties. On a serious note, SC has no release date, it's on a release-by-release basis, with progress covered here: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/schedule-report As for SQ42, that'll be covered as part of the christmas livestream.
  15. (if you're instantly confused by this post, check what subforum you're in lol) Since I did last year's megathread on these forums, I might as well do this year's as well (it actually serves as a helpful personal reference when I need to find something). CitizenCon is Star Citizen's annual convention. You can see this year's schedule below: https://go.twitch.tv/starcitizen Pre-Show Info Releases: 10 articles regarding ship loadouts and stats were releases over the past 2 weeks in a run-up to the launch of the new ship matrix, part 1 is here: https:/