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  1. But how?! Especially because Synapse is the least obtrusive software I've ever seen!
  2. That sounds like a question you should be asking Amazon.
  3. I'm not really sure why I'm quoted here, unless it's just to provide more information, because that was the same point I made. The CGI Jensen is from 1:02:29 for about 30 seconds and it's obvious, and looks like garbage.
  4. Going back and looking (It starts at 1:02:39), it actually doesn't look very good. The model looks okay, I guess, but the mouth and its movement looks hideous. I can see why they did it so zoomed out.
  5. Yeah, but what KIND of vCPU? That seems importantish, maybe? I don't know.
  6. Oh, do tell what insight my sarcastic one word response has revealed to you.
  7. For people confused, it's probably pretty trivial to have a one-time activation that doesn't rely on a persistent forever "I'm good, you're allowed to use me" device. It's mostly just an added cost of implementing the system, but it's not that difficult.
  8. I declare them guilty having no evidence of my own, having not read the lawsuit and before anything even resembling due process. Time for a boycott!
  9. Except that games for consoles are insanely optimized, since developers only have 1-2 hardware configurations to worry about, and have low level access to the hardware. There's a reason games on consoles run at PC-like qualities on 1/5th the GPU power. This is not a console, it's just a weakly powered PC, running PC games, and it uses a compatibility layer for Windows games on top of that. It might be cool, but everyone should wait for benchmarks before they get excited.