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    ASUS Z97 Sabertooth Mark 2
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    16 gb Gskill ripjaws X @ 1866mhz
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    Asus Strix GTX 1070 TI
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    Corsair Obsidian 450D
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    Sandisk Ultra Plus 256GB and 120GB SSD
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    Corsair CX 750M
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    Corsair H60

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  1. I just hope my d15s will fit. Apparently the 450D supports coolers up to 165mm and the d15s is 165mm tall. It'll be tight.
  2. Are they too much? I paid 55 usd for my h60, and it probably significantly outperforms a 212 evo and looks a lot nicer. I doubt a 212 evo would give you mid 60s temps with a cpu intensive game like bf1 on a 4790k. I havent ever cleaned my rad either in a case thats a dust vacuum. I agree the 240 ones are pretty expensive these days. Running around 150 USD, but the h60 is still fairly cheap.
  3. I'm about to retire my H60 after 6 years of hard service. Im upgrading from a 4790k to a 3700x and decided to try a Noctua d15s instead. I was playing bf1 and after a long session of multiplayer I checked my temps with my stock 4790k and h60 and saw them hovering in the high 60s. This is in a demanding CPU intensive game. It almost made me regret ordering the d15s since the 3700x has a lower TDP than the h60. Why the hate towards the H60? If you arent overclocking this cooler seems like a beast for the cost. Its an extremely attractive cooler and I'll miss the look in my case. Sure its not gonna keep up with a 9900k or some insane OC, but at stock for most CPUs it works great. Hopefully the Noctua should be a lot quieter anyway.
  4. Wouldnt both work fine for next gen Ryzen, since both are AM4? Doesnt seem like the x570 would have an advantage there. Also, would I even notice any difference with the faster 4th gen m.2. I seem to have read its not noticeable in the real world, and would make zero difference in gaming other than maybe load times.
  5. I'm upgrading my 4790k to a 3700X and these are the two motherboards I'm considering. Gigabyte X470 AORUS GAMING 7 WIFI ASUS X570 TUF Gaming Plus WI-FI The X470 Aorus is 57 dollars cheaper than the Asus and the store will update the bios for me. Is the x570 worth the extra cost? Im buying 2x8gb 3600mhz CL 16 ram. Would there be any downside to the 470, anything I would notice at all gaming or in benchmarks? Both seem like upper mid tier cards with a good reputation, one is just an x570. My two biggest concerns are maintaining stock boost speeds and getting the most out of my ram.
  6. Looking at reviews, the 212 Black performs a little better than the 212 evo. Wondering if this would be sufficient to maximize performance for a non OC'd 3700x during long sessions playing CPU intensive games like battlefield 1/V. Would there be any performance benefit to going with a beefier cooler like a noctua D15s, which is 30 dollars more?
  7. Its really just the 170 dollar price that made me think why the hell not even if its just slightly better. I could sell the 4790k and mobo and ram and get back half the cost, plus the rest when i sell the 2700x.
  8. So I'm looking to possibly upgrade my aging CPU. Just noticed in CPU intensive games things arent as smooth as I'd like. Gaming is my primary concern. I was gonna go with the 3700x for 300, but I have a chance to buy a new 2700x for $170. For that price I could get it, and when the 4700x comes out around late summer I could already have the mobo ram and cooler and could just sell my 2700x for damn near what I bought it for and upgrade. Of course I could just keep my 4790k until then but Ive waited long enough and want something different. Would things run noticeably smoother in games like battlefield 1/V with a 2700x, or would it be better to just spend the extra 130 and get the 3700x?
  9. Ill probably wait to see the 10700k since it should be out in the next few months, unless i can get some screaming black friday deal. I thought intel was just going to wait for 10nm or 7nm but it looks like theyre gonna pump out one more series of 14nm desktop cpus soon. The 10700k should be 8 cores plus hyperthreading the 9700k lacks.
  10. I havent oc’d since ive read ocing the 4790k makes no difference in games unless you get a substantial OC, which would be hard to do with an h60 cooler.
  11. I'll wait until black friday to see if any good deals pop up for the 3700x or an i7/i9. I would definitely replace the ram with 3600mhz. I think I would have to anyway since my ram is ddr3 and I think they require ddr4.
  12. I've got a 4790k that's served me well, but I've noticed some stuttering and slow down scenarios playing battlefield 1 multiplayer. I upgraded my ram to 16 gb a while back and it helped. It was a lot worse before that, but I still come across it at 1440p, even if I lower settings. GPU is a 1070ti. One example where things seem to slow is when I switch to looking through a scope or optic. It just doesnt seem like a smooth transition and im not sure if thats a CPU or GPU thing. Im less concerned about overall frame rates since I can just lower settings to increase that, atlhough if a CPU upgrade improves them thats great. Im more concerned about overall smoothness. Im looking at a ryzen 3700x. Would doing that result in any noticeable performance bump at 1440p?
  13. I have an asus strix 1070ti and use it for 1440p 144hz. Ocing it basically makes it a stock 1080. Battlefield 1 and 5 are what ive been playing and it works fine for those. In bf1 i get fps usually in the mid to high 80s on ultra in multiplayer. It varies a lot. Sometimes low 70s and sometimes low 100s. If i wanna be a sweatlord i just put settings on high and get around 100 fps most of the time. Destiny 2 it did fine too. Not sure about next gen titles. Probably have to dial down settings.
  14. Well this is what I don't understand. A lot of people spend a LOT of time and money OCing CPUs. They buy binned chips, they build custom water loops, extra fans, fancy thermal paste and spend hours upon hours messing with settings and running tests, etc. What do they normally get for all that? Maybe 200mhz squeezed out of it and 2 fps in games? I do get your point. I just see paying an extra 30 for a 3800x as being less silly then going through all THAT. That's why I've never even bothered OCing my current CPU. I get that some people derive enjoyment from doing it and its kind of a hobby.
  15. Whats with noctuas poop color scheme? Just seems like they picked colors that would least match with most builds. Not a big deal, but just seems odd to me.