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  2. Pixel5

    Are wireless charges allowed on airplanes.

    allowed to take with you for sure and its not gonna be turned on so no problem there.
  3. Giganthrax

    Gameplay for thoughts, thinking, dreaming and listening music

    Don't laugh, but... ...I hear No Man's Sky is great for that.
  4. star_pilot475

    Appraisal question

    They go for like $100- $125 on eBay.
  5. IgnaBilli official

    Hdmi and Display port

    Does hdmi cable support 144hz? Does every DisplayPort cable support 144hz?
  6. VegetableStu

    Millions of people still use 123456 as their password

    What is your password? YOURMUM
  7. I have a Rs.1,10,000(roughly 1550 USD) budget to spend on a pc which I can upgrade in future, mainly for surfing the web, movies, reading pdf and presentations, video lectures, and passtime (may be 2to 3 hrs )of gaming . It will also act as a data base(which is not a headache now bcoz its expandable anytime) I also need to buy monitor and peripherals for the pc with win 10. I have a rough idea that i5 9600k with 16gb ram and 1tb storage but the mobo, graphics cards, psu are simply hard and confusing to choose from. Please help me choose the parts. Also if anyone know a better monitor than acer g246hl monitor in the budget range , please tell.! Also, i am looking for a pc which will work in this setup and be compatible even after 7-8 yrs , and then be upgraded bcoz i am not planning to spend money that soon.
  8. Jurrunio

    Wifi at small hotel with thick walls

    You can actually try the Unifi's range first, just do the most basic of setup to them and see of they cover the farthest corners. And as @samcool55 said, bandwidth is a big problem. A typical 1080p30fps stream from twitch for example is 3Mbps. In other words, your data plan isnt going to allow anyone to watch video together. At best they could go with Instagram I think. I wont be expecting much from a hotel this old, but still... This is a tech forum, we take 1080p60 videos with the internet for granted.
  9. Calvin McCaw

    Is this PC any good?

    Is this build any good? i’m generally good with tech but this will be my first time building. i have watched over 100 videos of people building PCs and i know what i’m doing. Here’s the specs: 1) Intel i3 8350K 2) Corsair H150i Pro 3) Asus Z370-F Strix Atx Motherboard 4) Corsair Vengeance DDR4 16GB (2x8gb) 3000MHz RGB White RAM 5) [A] Corsair 120GB NVMe M.2 SSD Kingston 480GB SSD [C] Western Digital Blue 1TB HDD 7200rpm 6) Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1660 ti Windforce 7) Corsair CX550M 80+ Bronze Semi Modular PSU 8 ) Corsair Carbide 275R White Case 9) 6x Corsair LL120 RGB Fans 10) Corsair Commander Pro 11) 10gbps Network Card This build comes at roughly £1,300 - £1,400 if you think this build isn’t all that great then could you give me recommendations for what i should do instead? I will be overclocking this build too Thank you, Calvin
  10. steelo

    Ryzen 3 1200, board + memory help

    Thanks man. Not trying to be a dick but this guy already stated he's on a budget...this MB is plenty for what he has. It's a good quality, entry-level MB that should suit his needs.
  11. FunkmastaFlex

    Internet speed fast, actual download speed slow

    Check the download server location in Steam, make sure it's the closest to your physical location and see if that improves it.
  12. NumLock21

    Millions of people still use 123456 as their password

    I just noticed insults and profanity to be the best passwords What is your password? Ya stupid prick! What is your password? F*ckYou
  13. fasauceome

    First ever build; SFF light gaming

    Bear in mind that it does not include a case fan, if you were to choose a 140 mm fan for the front intake, it would limit your GPU length, so my personal preference is to go with a 120mm of your choice LED color.
  14. TacoSenpai

    Microsoft releases a new programming language: Bosque

    eyyyyy b0sque
  15. DrMacintosh

    Microsoft releases a new programming language: Bosque

    Bosque is a good name. Shame it’s for a programming language. A Bosque refrigerator sounds pretty nice.
  16. r2724r16

    Gigabyte GV-N98TG1 GAMING-6GD

    Please don't comment unless you actually understand the OP's situation. Thanks!
  17. Bananasplit_00

    Asus EZ tuning wizard - Reputable?

    As far as I am aware all auto OC solutions raise the voltage excessively
  18. Techno Edition

    Ryzen 3 1200, board + memory help

    As I am on on a tight budget I'm probably not as £50 in his upgrades is too much for next to no actual benefit apart from reliability and extra useless features. As well its a secondary
  19. r2724r16

    Gigabyte GV-N98TG1 GAMING-6GD

    So the thing is, DDR stands for double data rate.
  20. star_pilot475

    Ryzen 3 1200, board + memory help

    Dude if you even have the stock heatsink and an 80mm exhaust at least it should be totally fine. Just because you’re going with a slightly cheaper option doesn’t mean it’s not going to work. I agree with @steelo
  21. Mikensan

    Homelab start up questions/help on ESXi

    Majority are 6gbps, just check your model numbers of which you intend to buy. If you have SATA connections available on the motherboard you can plop your SSD on one of those, usually the SATA controllers on motherboards are pretty dumb.
  22. TacoSenpai

    Millions of people still use 123456 as their password

    Shit someone found out I use naruto as my password now they'll know I watch anime.
  23. Fun fact, Kaby Lake is known to run hot. Delidding the CPU helps, using higher performance thermal compound helps, lowering voltages helps. Try those solutions, because it is a known issue by Intel. Although, to be honest, your temps and OC are actually fine.
  24. Berfs1

    R3 1200 to R5 1600

    When swapping CPUs, GENERALLY SPEAKING, you do not need to reinstall Windows or drivers or something like that. One of the few modern exceptions is if you are going for a new Intel 9th gen R0 stepping CPU on a motherboard with an older BIOS, which will actually work with the R0 stepping CPUs but Windows will crash (if you swapped the CPU and did not reinstall Windows). For your scenario, you will be fine, although If you are going from a Ryzen 3 1200 to a Ryzen 5 1600, you may be wasting your cash because the Ryzen 5 2600 is a much better deal, even the Ryzen 7 1700 can be found at similar prices. I agree with GoldenLag in suggesting you wait for Ryzen 3000 series, SPECIFICALLY FOR THE CPUs BASED OFF OF ZEN 2 ACHITECTURE, and NOT the 3000 series APUs (the one's with iGPUs).
  25. wANKER

    Millions of people still use 123456 as their password

    IKR No capital letter, fucking nubs
  26. jerubedo

    Rate my build and recommend stuff

    Except in most gaming rigs that multi-core performance isn't ever tapped into. You'd only ever see difference in productivity loads such as 3D modeling, video rendering, streaming, folding, etc. These are not things that an average gaming rig will be exposed to. They will be used for games, web browsing, video watching, email, etc. Even in games that use 8 and 12 threads (like Far Cry 5 and Assassin's Creed Origins respectively) the lower i5 9400F beats the 2700 (even when it's OCed) in both titles. So from a gaming rig perspective the 9400F, 9600K, and 9700K are pretty much the best chips you can get (where the 9700K performs within a very close margin of the 9900K making it not worth it at all).
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