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  2. What power supply is that? Do you have any other cards to test?
  3. Was unaware of how Noctua did their mounting hardware, I don't own a Noctua cooler myself. Thanks for correcting me.
  4. your GPU might be on a quiet mode, making the fans not spin
  5. This is a Define C (basically the same case, but with a different front panel) with an MSI Z77A-GD65 Gaming motherboard. That's an overlay in Paintshop of my motherboard over the Z390 Aurus Pro. I turned the MSI layer more red to make things clearer for myself. The red arrows point to the holes in the MSI board, the white ones the Gigabyte. Looks like the CPU on your board is simply 1cm or so more to the front. You'll have loads of space for your backplate. So do as you please.
  6. sharknado34

    My first gaming computer...

    um no. Ryzen offers a way better value proposition at the moment compared to intel, first because you can upgrade to any future platform cpu with just a bios update, second because core per dollar is much cheaper, third because factoring in motherboard cpu and ram is cheaper for ryzen, and several other reasons. That being said I do agree however that nvidia is a bit better performance per dollar. https://www.videocardbenchmark.net/gpu_value.html It kinda depends though on price point and a few other factors.
  7. TheUberMedic

    Talks of Disney to buy Game Giant Nexon

    But.... I liked Split/Second... I wanted a sequel ;-;
  8. Fx 8360 8gb ddr3 powercolor rx 580 8gb just a random monitor that ive had working for a long time im connecting it to a 600w psu and im 100% sure everything is plugged in
  9. is your GPU power pluged in?
  10. TetraSky

    Talks of Disney to buy Game Giant Nexon

    Is Nexon still relevant? I really wonder how many people are still playing their games. There sure wasn't many people when I tried Maplestory 2 on released(and its down to about 1k concurrent players on steam now) While Maplestory 1 was essentially dead except for their "reboot" server (where they've basically removed a lot of the slow grind and terrible anti-consumer bullshit, funny huh...) when I played it for the last time last year. (I know they have other games, they just aren't as well known)
  11. (I wrote this as a school assignment on podcasts and wanted to share! I'm From 17 from Sweden studying an IT technical line at Polhemskolan University) The WAN show is a live podcast about what's been happening in the technology industry the past week. WAN is short for Weakly Analysis and News.and starts every Friday in Canada time (GMT−7). The Show’s hosts are Luke Lafreniere and Linus Sebastian. Linus is the manager for Linus Media Group and front face for Linus Tech Tips on Youtube. Luke was a host and member Linus Media Group but now works for a daughter online video company called Floatplane. The quality of the podcast can vary a lot depending on the topics and hosts. Linus Media Group often have a busy schedule and are known for sometimes being lazy and forgetting things. This is reflected in the podcast as it most of the time starts half an hour late and have become a sort of a meme. Although, the “messiness” gives the podcast a funny and almost a DIY characteristic, which adds a lot of character to the show. That is not to say that the show is in bad quality. The WAN Show actually have one of, if not the best video quality and superb audio quality(depending on your source). The show is not only on Youtube but Soundcloud and Float Plane as well. Both SoundCloud and Floatplane offer superb audio quality and the video quality on Floatplane is far superior to Youtube’s offering. The show starts (after the hosts apologising for being late) with a brief summary of the news and other topics of the episode and rolls a short intro. After about half an hour, the podcast breaks with some sponsors of the show. The sponsor spots last for about seven minutes but are skippable. After the Sponsor spots, the show continues with more news and topics and ends with some paid “superchats” sent by viewers on Youtube. In total, the show is about one hour long. In the beginning, I found that too long, but luckily there is always timestamps left by users in the comment section, and sometimes in the description, if they remember to add them. From there you can select the topics you want to listen to if you are not into all of them. The timestamps are not that quick to show up and therefore I would recommend listening at least 2 hours after the episode is uploaded if you really want the topic timestamps. As a summary, The WAN Show is one of, if not the best tech podcast out there. It goes through most of the biggest weekly tech news and rumours whilst still keeping their DIY charm. In my opinion, the great charm makes the podcast funny and easily relatable. I have watched it for about a year and have no plan on stopping. This podcast is focused on the more knowledgeable about tech people but I think that even a not so tech savvy person would pick up the talk and enjoy the show fast as well.
  12. I picked up 2 2560x1440 144hz monitors recently but I can't get both of them to run at native resolution and 144hz off of 1 displayport output. Is there a specific type of splitter or cable that you need to use? Is there even enough bandwidth to do this? Thanks in advance.
  13. lewdicrous

    Linus Fixes Click Bait Titles

    Really wish this will translate to techquickie as well
  14. @Den-Fi.com The box navies are back in stock at novelkeys.  Go get them while you still can. 

    1. Den-Fi.com




  15. Gonna need more details What are the specs? What are you connecting your video cable to (where on the pc and what monitor)?
  16. There's no need to use tape nor is it advised since it can affect how well the cooler mounts. All of the mounting hardware asides from the last two screws to attach the heatsink can be installed before installing the motherboard into the case.
  17. LaFemmeEnVert

    Blackmagic Studio Camera

    BM cameras are good cameras, but for your work you can even use a professional camcorder like a panasonix AG UX90 or Sony pxw X70 or other models. these cameras will already include many accessories you might need to buy separate if you choose a blackmagic camera. if you can find a used blackmagic ursa mini 4k kit on sale for under $3000, that can also be option. brand new for your work, the Blackmagic Studio camera could be a choice. https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/blackmagicstudiocamera Reasons why a camera like the Studio Camera or maybe professional camera with similar inputs and outputs would be suitable for you 1. dual XLR inputs for audio that would let you plug in high quality microphones of various types: shotgun, wireless lavalier, cabled mics of different types 2. SDI outputs if you want to monitor the shoot using a professional or semi-professional monitor. and SDI to HDMI converters are not expensive if you want to use hdmi monitor. With the studio camera it already comes with a large monitor that should help you frame and focus the shot easily, but don't rely too much on the display for judging color. my experience with monitors from blackmagic is their color is always tinted. you need to buy at least one lens for the camera, but professional camcorders have lenses integrated. a professional camcorder is more flexible if you want to take the camera out to different locations to shoot. i'm not certain about quality of audio preamps inside blackmagic cameras, some people have told me it's not fantastic, but sony and panasonic professional cameras come with very good audio preamps. you certainly need to buy a good tripod and smooth fluid head for video. this can use up between 300-1000 of your budget depending on type and brand. you want a good system here. look at a brand called varizoom for budget tripods, I field tested one of them and was surprised at the quality. lights is where you can be a bit more flexible with price. this year at NAB, some chinese brands that produce affordable lights showed off new models that work well enough for indie filmmakers who do not have the budget to buy or rent something like an arri system. the number of lights and sizes of each light head or panel and power of each unit depends on your choice for lighting the film set. but i suggest you buy a few extra units more than you need. for lights you may also need to buy light stands or mounting systems and clamps for hanging lights from ceiling or to trusses in your filming "studio"

    The porno music only makes it better.

    1. Slurs Gang

      Slurs Gang

      Why u gotta make me pp goes hard.

    2. Trik'Stari


      Starting food mega thread in off topic now.

  19. Stormseeker9

    I think i was hacked?

    Run something like malware bytes as well
  20. yea but I cant reinstall windows, I have too much to lose
  21. I have my pc on a workbench rn and there is not a display the gpu fans are not spinning but other fans are spinning
  22. SenpaiKaplan

    RTX 2060 vs Vega 64

    Vega seems to get a lot more flack than it deserves... All Vega models (56, 64 and Radeon VII) have the same, easily fixable issue. They are way overvolted for their stock clocks. You can safely undervolt Vega from stock and still have plenty of overclocking headroom. Vega 64 > RTX 2060.
  23. Pretty easy one for you guys. Will a 2nd gen i5 2500k work with the 3rd gen Asus maximus v gene motherboard
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