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  2. wasab

    Retirement Help

    As if your children will ever visit you in old age.
  3. mdanielm

    4 monitors at 1440p posible on gtx 1050?

    No no, this is not for gaming, this is for stock graphs and office use, just plain old windows desktop but in 4 1440p monitors, no gaming of any kind. Heck, this could be 1440@30hz and it wouldn't matter for this scenario.
  4. NickPickerWI

    HELP with bottleneck question

    I agree with @Slottr. There is no sense in staying with an AM3 motherboard, which is what you have running that FX chip. With an AM4 motherboard like @Slottrsuggested, you have a lot of upgrade possibility. Eventually, you'll dump the 1060 for something better, and with AM4, you'll be able to upgrade the CPU to something incredibly good at that time without ripping out and replacing your motherboard a second time.
  5. Slottr

    1080p or 1440p?

    That's a really personal choice. If you're strictly gaming I'd get the 1080p display.
  6. pas008

    Nvidia GTX 1650 available RIGHT NOW; $149

    just wasnt available for proper reviews from the looks of it but its low end though and has nice performance per watt should have been in house testing instead of marketed but whatevers probably sell for awhile
  7. Antman507

    1080p or 1440p?

    So my PC specs are: R7 1700, RX580 8gb, 16gb 3000mhz ram. My question is: should i get a 1080p 144hz monitor or a 1440p 60hz monitor?
  8. Audeze SINE + Cipher Cable Giveaway! https://den-fi.com/pages/audeze-sine-giveaway/


  9. fasauceome

    HELP with bottleneck question

    Any local stores like Fry's electronics might be worth a look, you might snag a CPU for like 30% off like I did my brother's
  10. if you get from china, make sure the network(mobile signal) supports your location. also google play may be difficult to get it installed. launcher doesnt matter in anyway.
  11. Crunchy Dragon

    Best CPU for AM3+ socket?

    My overall point was eventually that you should get a newer better platform, but I was just wondering if a CPU upgrade would be at least a temporary fix for you. Keep in mind if you upgrade to anything Ryzen or newer than Skylake, you will need DDR4 memory as well.
  12. eh, probably the board not knowing how to change 100:133 to 100:100 through XMP then if that sounds like pointless rumbling, it is. Makes no differences to a normal user.
  13. Device is a Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon 6th gen 20KHCTO1WW.
  14. TheKDub

    I need some Zotac SLI dust covers bad...

    I'd think for aesthetic reasons if anything.
  15. Disclaimer: I was debating between this forum section or the HTPC section... hopefully this is OK. Hi. So, my dad and bro want to replace a 5-year old laptop in their living room. According to my brother, it's "struggling" (I don't really agree but whatever, their cash - since it's an 2-core 1.9GHz i7 3xxx). Said laptop is struggling with Twitch which is a CPU hog on Firefox. Now, said laptop is used to illegally acquire TV shows (and watch them), play Heartstone, web browsing and some very minimal word processing / printing / scanning. Now, they want a laptop that's beefy enough that it could handle Twitch without amping up its fan to the max. Even though you don't need much for it, my bro is annoyed by the poor performance for Heartstone on it. However, I have thrown the idea of using a HTPC or NUC instead: stealthier and probably fill the needs for something that's going to be outputting to a 1080p Samsung TV. However, the laptop is still an option if the other is getting too expensive or options limited. So, the requirement for the device they want is either a laptop or pre-built NUC/HTPC: - SSD. M2 or SATA. PCIe or not. 256GB minimum. - Beefy enough CPU to handle Twitch CPU hog on Firefox without buffering (no, we won't use Chrome) and improve Heartstone gameplay (animations are lagging and takes a bit long to open at the moment). Looking at Core i5+. They are brand loyal to Intel. So, no AMD options. - Dedicated GPU not mandatory as long as the point just above is filled. - RAM: >=8GB (but more than that will probably awfully uncessary). - If laptop, 900p screen+ but less <4K (neither my dad or my bro believe in 4K, they see it as a gimmick) - HDMI output - No HP machines. The budget would be around 800$-900$CAD. We are "fixated" on Dell offerings... and this is why I need recommandations. If it's not clear enough, we're in Canada and needs to ship in QC (not all place will ship in QC because... French). Thanks y'all in advance.
  16. potatobuilder

    Need GPU advice on 1080p e-sports gaming

    actually I got these items secondhand.. I really want to use them for as long as possible. maybe I'll skip overclocking it.
  17. Slottr

    HELP with bottleneck question

    If you wanted to get a Ryzen chip (or any modern chip), you'd need a new motherboard and ram. You can find other AM3 chips, but unless you can get a really good price on a good chip then it's probably wise to spend your money towards something like this instead, imo However, finding something on your used market is also a really good idea, local classifieds and eBay you can find some pretty good platforms and chips that use DDR3, like a 4790. @LukeSavenije Just to bring you back in here. Maybe you have some other input aside from mine, or to combat mine
  18. Oh, the sweet irony. Anyways... this is cool. It looks like it sacrifices finding more of the lower-bound optimal solutions for finding moderately good ones quicker, and the timescale was specifically chosen to illustrate when their metric (average determined value) intersects. Quite useful, but I think the notably lower low end values of traditional methods will still end up being used for a large number of applications. Parcel delivery is a good counter example IMO if this algorithm seems to have lower variance in outputs and a general speedup.
  19. anthony man

    Best CPU for AM3+ socket?

    never mind people are telling me on a differ post i should upgrade my motherboard before anything so im going to do that because am3+ is out dated same with the motherboard but thank you
  20. XMP profile 1 sets the frequency even lower .
  21. Alphaarea

    Any 4K monitors that can overclock at a lower resolution?

    I have a 4K display which support "overclock", it's useless. "support" means that LCD driver board can receive 1080P 144Hz signal. display menu can show it work on 144Hz. BUT the 4K LCD panel only support 60Hz. the frequency still run on 60Hz actually. I test it by my SONY phone's 960fps super slow motion.
  22. Crunchy Dragon

    I need some Zotac SLI dust covers bad...

    What do you need the dust covers for? My GTX 780, HD 4850, FX 3450, and GTS 250 don't have covers on their mGPU connectors and are doing just fine.
  23. LogicWeasel

    Need GPU advice on 1080p e-sports gaming

    Yes, if you're so tight on budget you can't push more money into your GPU, worth keeping that cooler.
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