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  2. ComputerNerdDude158

    240 watt psu rx 460????

    Oops...I meant would it burn the psu out, put in the wrong word lol
  3. ChaosD

    upgrading from a gtx 980

    thanks thats very helpfull then maby i will get a water cooling unit for mit cpu and overclock it a bit counter the bottleneck a bit
  4. is there any noticeable diff between great wall and CWT?
  5. would go for that but in my country cheapest goes for 1400euro so no
  6. NunoLava1998

    240 watt psu rx 460????

    Why would it burn the CPU up? Most likely the system would just shutdown when it exceeds wattage Also, i'd get a GTX 1650
  7. Firewrath9

    Upgrade now or wait? And sell now or okay to wait?

    1440p 60hz is worse than 1080p 144hz. 1440p 144hz is only a little better. I'd wait. Perhaps Navi or Nvidia 7nm
  8. XPS 13 is well know for 12hr+ battery life. My XPS 15 lasts a whole workday w/o charging.
  9. Firewrath9

    240 watt psu rx 460????

    should be fine, depends on the quality of the PSU.
  10. ARikozuM

    EKWB Release the Lignum (Wood) Line of Water Blocks

    I would use clear or semitransparent green tubes.
  11. Similar topic posted a few minutes ago, look there and the response there is the same for you
  12. ComputerNerdDude158

    240 watt psu rx 460????

    So...I have a system with a i5 3470, 8 gbs ddr3 ram, 1 tb hdd, 500 gb ssd, and I wanted to know if a rx 460 low profile would work with the psu or would it burn the cpu up??
  13. Doddsy7

    RGB on Corsair ml120 not working

    And then I tried plugging the rgb connector from my ml120 into my pump rgb connector and that didn’t light up either, so does that mean my fan is faulty too?
  14. Do you have any source which I can read? Do you mean that the physical kit I get in a package has to be the same? Because as you can see in the command result in my topic, they're identical in every way Which I would think is the 4x4gb. They're all the same in every aspect I can find
  15. Norwegiantweaker

    EKWB Release the Lignum (Wood) Line of Water Blocks

    this with hardtubes of laminated wood. in a laminated resin PC case ? sign me the duck up for that !
  16. NunoLava1998

    Windows file copy slow

    Patriot Burst 240GB. SATA SSD with DRAM cache that has about the same speeds as a BX500~MX500
  17. Its weird to be at a point I've moved so far away from gaming as a hobby I only have one computer left with games on it, like I still game abit but me from two years ago would die if he woke to this

  18. Doddsy7

    RGB on Corsair ml120 not working

    So I tried plugging in my AIO liquid cooler rgb fan into my rgb hub and the rgb did not light up, so does that mean there is an issue with the rgb hub?
  19. Mira Yurizaki

    Windows file copy slow

    What was your last SSD?
  20. brob

    Loque Ghost S1 - Gaming

    Wow, I was responding to your comment on my case selection. Way to change the subject. I consider 20 dB (A) - 21 dB (A) quiet. See below, from https://nl.hardware.info/product/402634/seasonic-focus-plus-gold-550w/testresultaten. Yes there are some psu that are a bit quieter at some power levels e.g. beQuiet! Straight Power 11 550W, 19 dB (A) - 23 dB (A), but it is a longer psu (at the recommended limit), and has a much shorter warranty. The Whisper M is nowhere near as quiet as the Seasonic or bequiet!.
  21. porina

    Crashing because of a bad hdd?

    A dying disk can certainly cause a system to freeze then crash. It is waiting for info that isn't coming, and eventually falls over. Run something like CrystalDiskInfo and see what your disk reports its status as. Even if it shows ok, look for warning signs like sector reallocation events, or pending sectors. Those are signs of bad areas on the disk. What is the ticking sound? If it is occasional, and only during activity, that's normal and are the disk heads moving around to position. If your system stops responding and you hear a regular repeating noise, that could be the drive attempting to repeatedly access the data.
  22. Thank you for the reply, but I'm not sure if I understand you correctly. There is no virtual machines in my system, only two (actually a lot more) discs with different Windows. I set up the BIOS and the properties of each windows correctly but the wake on lan works only when I shut down the OS#1. It seems that when I shut down OS#2, the network card goes in a state that is unwakable, and I runned out of ideas.
  23. The Benjamins

    EKWB Release the Lignum (Wood) Line of Water Blocks

    I love there case design, Wish I could buy it separately. To bad there part cost is WAY over priced now (due to it being priced out when a lot of parts had inflated costs)
  24. ok i think i found an answer ! from what i read XMP is made for single kits. so if you get 2 kits of 2x4GB=no good, 1 kit of 4x4GB=you are good
  25. you can get the Dell XPS 15 with an i7 and a 1050ti for $1250 (with coupon 50off699) on dell's website right now.
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