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  2. I too got the define R6, I actually meant to get the type C version. However, I made a mistake when I changed my mind on getting the Taichi x470 and instead got a x370 when it was up for bid on ebay. The x370 had everything I needed, I just missed the USB 3.1 gen 2 header. I saw the rear I/O port and ticked the box (has header). I know this post is old but by the power of google, I did find a possible solution with some caveats. Female USB 3.0 to Female USB 3.1 converter So I looked into this, if you are hoping the have fast data speeds, theoretically this combines two USB 3.0 ports (5 Gbit/s) into one 3.1 gen 2 (theory max 10Gbit/s). If you search for the model number on ebay, you can find it for sale. It's a bit pricey. The caveats are; 1. Will it really be fully data rate compatible. 2. For my use case I was hoping to use the Fractal Design R6's front 3.1 port to charge my phone. To do that "Rapidly" it has to be USB-PD compatible for sure this adapter is not turning the USB 5v standard at (maybe) 1.5 amps into USB-PD. I doubt even a dedicated motherboard like the Asrock Taichi x470 Ultimate has a header that supports USB-PD.. yet. So my thoughts on USB-C on this case were flawed.. Should have saved the money and got the non USB-C version. Ah Well... perhaps my next build's mobo will have the header and USB-PD. Perhaps, just for data the converter will do the trick if anyone does pick one up. Please do post and let us know if you get some thunderbolt like speeds out of that converter. I'd be curious. -Ben
  3. DRAM voltage, should be somewhere near core voltage setting
  4. Boki332

    What Can I Run?

    I bought the gtx 1060 3gb Zotac AMP! gpu and i was hoping for good fps in pubg, gta v, doom but it wasnt good and it was just stuttering. If you know some good games with good graphics for 3gb vram feel free to write it down. Thanks. My specs: Zotac Gtx 1060 3gb amp! I7 2600 3.4ghz 8gb ram ddr3 Corsair 550w 500gb HDD
  5. WickedStarfish

    MSI Afterburner Question

    i'm only new to OCíng, did my first CPU OC like last week. thats why i went the OC Scanner way
  6. @porina


    PSA: If you're a Three customer and you download the new Three app it's going to ask you for all sorts of new stuff on login. Do not accept any of the changes.


    These changes will lead to Three collecting more personally identifiable information about you and selling that information to advertisers.


    If you scroll down to the bottom you can just reject the settings and say you don't want that. Be sure not to tap on the "Accept all" button near the bottom.



  7. Andreas Pedersen

    144hz not working

    ah alright no my gpu drivers are up to date, ill keep searching for a fix, if I find one ill come back here to post it so if anyone else has the same issue the solution I may find might work for them.
  8. No, I had to reset the CMOS again to get a display. where do i put those numbers though?
  9. Origami Cactus

    MSI Afterburner Question

    But why not overclock yourself? More fun imo, also you can get better overclocks than with scanners usually.
  10. But what about other b450 motherboards? Because if you are going with a320m you are killing your upgradebility, you are limiting yourself to ryzen 1000 and 2000. Also no overclocking etc etc. I would go with b450m Pro 4 for the simple fact that then you can upgrade to ryzen 3000 and maybe even 4000 down the road, no need to buy a new motherboard etc. Also better VRM's, so it should last you longer.
  11. but is it actually running 2000? and that's normal to not work. Drop that a bit back. OC voltage for DDR3 is 1.65-1.7V so you can try them if you're looking to overclock the memory anyway
  12. mitcoes

    The Supercar Gaming PC - Aventum X Review

    I would love a video about Hygon Dhyana SoC As I have been reading the news but not benchmarking reviews or prices about it.
  13. Stormseeker9

    144hz not working

    Oh meant GPU drivers but other than that I’m not sure how to help you mate sorry
  14. WickedStarfish

    MSI Afterburner Question

    im currently running a scan with +0% core voltage and 105% power limit
  15. Andreas Pedersen

    144hz not working

    Not entirely sure how I update the monitor drivers. My build is: i7 6700 Gtx 1080 12GB DDR4 The motherboard is custom made I think, since its a prebuild mini pc (Asus G20CB). It came with a gtx 970 but I upgraded to the 1080 not too long ago, im pretty sure I also had the issue with the HZ on the 970 once but I fixed it I just dont remember how.
  16. Origami Cactus

    MSI Afterburner Question

    It probably thermal throttles fro that +100% overvoltage. Try to max out the power limit, and then see what the temps are, to see if you can raise the voltage that high.
  17. Benji

    German Talk

    Finde ich auch lächerlich. Ich meine, wieso sollte ich, um an Rechnern rumzuschrauben und interne Reparaturcodes einzuscannen für Reparaturarbeiten einen Realschulabschluss brauchen, wenn es jeder Idiot könnte? Wieso sollte ich für einen kaufmännischen Beruf zum Verhökern von Autos bitte ein Abitur brauchen? Das sind halt die Ansprüche der Unternehmen. Aber selbst dann werden Abiturienten in Jobs später nicht angenommen, denn sie wollen ja junge Mitarbeiter mit viel Berufserfahrung haben. Woher soll die wohl kommen?
  18. The difference between a320m and b450 in my country is around 20$+, is it really worth it ?
  19. Increased the ram speed to 2000mhz now I have no display. I think i need to increase the voltage but i don't know what numbers to put in.
  20. Hi, New user planning first PC build. I've been a Mac user for the last 8 years, currently using a rMBP 13" that I've owned since 2014. Requirements for this build; £1000 max including Windows key 1440p60 locked (I only have a 1080p panel just now so 1440p will be in the future) Useable for at least 5 years with minimal upgrades (I know its hard to predict what will come out that will effect performance) As best bang for buck Not bothered about RGB stuff but I guess its nice. Take a look at my parts list and let me know what you would change
  21. On cooling those graphics cards: We have a massive 200mm noctua fan sitting around in the office and I was thinking it might be nice to have that as a side panel air intake - right next to the graphics cards. It would be matched with exhaust fans at the top and back of the cabinet, probably with additional front intakes - with a goal of running all fans at minimum RPM and optimally never have the graphics card integrated fans spin up very much. Is that a pipe dream / overkill or do you think it would make sense? Also my impression is that side panel fans basically means you're doing your own cutting of some regular side panel plate - or are there specific cases for this?
  22. Stormseeker9


    The 2070 gaming z cost €620 in NL. 900 aud to eur are about €550.. so actually cheaper
  23. James Evens

    German Talk

    @Benji Warum brauch ich überhaupt ein Abitur für das Handwerk? Selbst für fordernde Handwerkberufe muss ich jetzt nicht unbedingt Differntialgleichungen lösen oder ans lateinische angehlehnte Fachbegriffe verstehen. Finde es schon schlimm genug das die Idee überhaupt aufkommt Ausbildungen mit Bachelor und Master Begriff zuversehen. Als nächstes kommt dann die Handwerks Promotion?
  24. WickedStarfish

    MSI Afterburner Question

    or is it cause i set the Overvoltage to 200% ?
  25. Most non rual areas of America has recycling bins, San Francisco actually had 3 bins, an extra one just for composte. But yeah, America is pretty behind when it comes to being "green" with many practices. I figured that you weren't from America actually, it's 3 in the morning here, most of us are asleep right now. I'm probably gonna go to bed as well after I finish my beer.
  26. I did lol. That's the result. Hold up, let me increase the Dram frequency from 1333 to the max number and see if that makes a difference.
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