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  2. Only for gaming, prob some lil school work but mainly gaming. AMD CPU build as I am wanting to get the ryzen 3rd gen cpus when it gets released. Mainly lookin for looks and performance. In the UK as can be seen from the "£".
  3. Download Windows (10/7/8.1/etc.) onto the USB drive and plug the USB drive into either the front or back USB ports. Mash whatever key allows you to select your boot drive in Bios and select the USB drive. Then hit enter once you select "Yes boot from this drive" (or whatever it says for you.)
  4. I definitely agree with many of the above. Having been an IT Consultant for quite some time, even when customer facing service and support was crap, business facing stuff was MUCH better. When I started working that line of stuff in college, Dell was a joke at it and couldn't even give us machines that were the same so we could deploy images to them, but several years later were better than anybody except HP when dealing with businesses. Also, keep in mind this is using a fairly generic set of questions and inquiries that could be made to all of the companies in a similar manner, surrounding laptops. So, it won't capture when a company's hinge doesn't hold the screen up after a short bit, a track pad that sucks, or some keys that don't respond well for some folks, or anything for any phone/tablet device, as those wouldn't be the kind of support questions that are being used here towards all companies. So, I think this is a fair set of observations of the companies public support lines and how helpful/quick they are to get a proper response. I do, however, also agree that the famed Apple Support of years gone by no longer exists either. Back when I got my first one, they bent over backwards for me and gave me a bunch of stuff and upgrades just because I found a bug in the CD player software that came with the computer (it would random, or repeat, but not both, if I remember correctly), back in the "It just works" era. Too bad there aren't any companies that still care about software quality that much.
  5. bowrilla

    MJOLNIR mini-ITX Case on LTT forum?

    This looks really great. Are there any technical specs officially out there and more pics from all sides? I love SFF builds and this one does seem to be well vented on top.
  6. Firewrath9

    Yeet [Completed]

    you could've said that you were going to mod it, instead of saying
  7. DrMacintosh

    iPhone vs Android – The FIVE Year Test

    Yeah? And? Who’s talking about Macs?
  8. Windows7ge

    BOINC Pentathlon 2019

    How hard is it to sign up for just the Marathon? If the Marathon job is CPU intensive and highly parallelized I think my latest server would be useful. Or I might have to run multiple instances of BONIC to use all the cores.
  9. KeyzHostHD

    90oC Angle

    i have this weird issue, if my keyboard or mousepad aren't straight, i get full blown ocd attack, not really, but it messes me up, cant focus on playing
  10. nerdslayer1

    iPhone vs Android – The FIVE Year Test

    you don't have to, no one uses a phone for 5 years. Galaxy S3 I747M that i bought on launch day 2012 is on March 2019 patch. Rooting, Roms are not for everyone, still its really impressive to see, a 7 year old device is ancient in tech term. FYI apple dropped support for 2011 MacBook pros in Mojave.
  11. WereCatf

    8700K @ 5.2Ghz, need help!

    That's because R20 uses AVX and, like you just said yourself, you've set your AVX-offset to -2.
  12. Tevildo

    Which powersupply?

    Im mainly going for looks tho, thats why I went with the corsair cooler and the b450 carbon. I get what you mean tho.
  13. MoonSpot

    Single, Unemployed Better "Gamers”

    Well this thread went to hell, and why? The opening article is quite clearly chalk full of garbage methodology to be taken with any sincerity and yet again we find people throwing in a crap ton more different things from all over the place to obfuscate the opening point even more and transmogrify it into men vs women at large in the open world in all matter of activities. All the while the vast majority of lurkers saw this coming a mile away left only to mutter at their screen like iago:
  14. PHYLO

    Anthem "Exposed": They Done fucked up

    Agreed, DA: Origins is the RPG that really got me back into RPG games since Morrowind. Lol.
  15. WoodenMarker

    NZXT H200 Stock Fan Upgrades

    Do you have any evidence for it not being good for pulling air or as sole exhaust in a case compared to any other fan?
  16. Since I had Windows with dark theme enabled, it automatically replaced my current dark theme with new dark mode.
  17. I’ve been using a Dark Theme with Chrome on my PC for a while. Maybe I’ll be able to remove it with the release of this.
  18. AlexTzone

    MJOLNIR mini-ITX Case on LTT forum?

    In the spirit of Odin, UPDATE!We have been narrowing down our search for the perfect anodizing shop, I'll do my best to send them the prototypes in the upcoming week. Once that's done there is nothing standing in between MJOLNIR and some long-awaited YouTube reviews For now, here are some more pics of the assembled enclosure (not yet anodized), metal and glass panels as well as the dust filter. I think the manufacturers have done a terrific job! Featuring our goat-mascot...Ralph! What do you guys think?Btw please spread the word about MJOLNIR if you can, however you can. The relaunch is mainly dependent of how many we have in our email list I'm quite sure we'll reach the appropriate level in 3-4 months, but it never hurts to accelerate the process a bit more. Dream scenario: enough people have subscribed after the first couple of Youtube reviews and we can launch straight away Best, Alex
  19. Let's say I've changed CPU/RAM/Motherboard and a PSU, what is the next thing I should do? Do I boot pc through my flash and install windows? I'm a little bit confused, step by step explanation would be very useful and appreciated.
  20. Does Firefox have dark mode? I know it has a dark theme, but this is for websites. Let's hope prefers-color-scheme becomes a real W3C. Right now these dark modes are really hit and miss. The Samsung one makes LinusTechTips.com really hard to read. For example it changes the read and unread symbols to the same color.
  21. Mira Yurizaki

    Nvme and SSD

    From what I gathered from the Adata drives you mentioned, they look fine. On paper they may seem worse than the 970 Evo, but they're so far ahead of what you get compared to a SATA based SSD that it doesn't matter.
  22. Hey guys. While this is surely not a photography forum and this sub forum is way down the road, maybe some of you have made this or a similar switch or have their own experiences with the Fuji X lineup. Long version (scroll down for tl/dr): Back in 2009 I invested in a Canon 5d mk ii and got myself a set of primes, 35/1.4L, 50/1.4 and 85/1.2L. I did some jobs as a photographer, did some weddings but ultimately Berlin is quite a complicated place to do photography professionally. Back in the days I studied and had use for the camera as well. It replaced my analog Mamiya medium format which was at some point just to cumbersome to always go to a professional studio and wait a day before I got the picutres. I switched profession in the mean time and I happen to notice that my camera is sitting at home most of the time since it's just too big, heavy and clunky. I'm happy witht the performance, the pictures turn out pretty well but it's just not portable enough for me. I thought about the mirrorless lineup from Canon to keep my lenses but that kind of misses the point as well - Hubble (that's what I call my 85mm lens) on its own weighs a hefty ~1.1kg and is everything but subtle. As a small side camera I bought a Fuji X E1 about 7 years ago. I like the looks, the size, the haptics and the pictures turn out pretty well. I never bothered to to buy a Fuji X lens though and just used older FD manual lenses with it - which kind of works but the focus peeking is really just pretty imprecise. A friend of mine just mentioned that his brother (professional reportage photographer) switched over to a Fuji X Pro2 and loved it. He himself gave it a shot and he loved it as well. If I had the money back then I probably would have bought the Pro1 instead of the E1. So I thought - maybe the Fuji lineup is exactly what I need, the lenses are great, the cameras look and feel great, the pictures are amazing in my eyes. I want a smaller, inconspicuous camera I can always have with me for street photography, portraiture and some landscape/architecture, maybe a wedding once in a while. I don't do wildlife, I don't do sport photography. I thought of a 23/2 and the 56/1.2, maybe the 16/2.8 or the 18/2 pancake as an addition. But here's now the question: the newer T3 with 4th gen XTRANS chips, 4k 60fps video (which I really don't need), a significantly better EVF, worse display though and no OVF or the older Pro2 which is quite a sexy thing. What's putting me off a bit though is: it's just not a real rangefinder. Manual focus works via focus peeking in the hybrid viewfinder. The barely 2M higher resolution is imho irrelevant, the tilting screen is a gimmick to me. As an addition: both cameras cost about the same right now, the lens bundle deals you can get make the Pro2 more appealing since you can get the 35/2 for 50 bucks on top, the T3 can come with the 16-55 for 100 bucks on top - a lens I just wouldn't use, I'm a prime guy. But then the T3 comes with Bluetooth which makes a quick retouch in the field on my tablet pretty swift. TL;DR Does anyone have experiences with both cameras? What would be your recommendation? Oh, totally forgot to mention: I'm mostly a black and white guy. If I had the funds I'd probably even invest in the monochrome Leica. I use Lightroom (classic) CC but as far as I know Adobe fixed the Fuji RAW issues to some extent with an additional demoirizer.
  23. Not sure why that quote error is above...
  24. Bramimond

    Single, Unemployed Better "Gamers”

    At first I was like, this makes sense, because to be a successful gamer (read: make money from gaming) you need people that want to watch you and then being a woman and being single helps. But then going to the thread it turns out to be just fake news again. It's always amusing to have people acknowledge the physical difference between men and women, even agreeing that women's brains are smaller, but then they go on believing that women are just as good as men when they don't have to compete physically and the mental gymnastics for that are just so hilarious, it always cracks me up. Just look at chess. There, you don't even need any type of coordination or fast fingers or whatever, just pure thought. And women still can't compete on the same level as men on average. But I guess this is the flavor of reality denial in our current age. Used to be political correct that the earth is flat. Or so the story goes. Not sure if we ever reach a point where politics won't try to deny reality. Feeding delusions is pretty lucrative, after all. Just look how far religions got that way.
  25. ldmendes7

    Any 4K monitors that can overclock at a lower resolution?

    That's not quite how monitors work, I wish they did but. Lowering the resolution of the monitor won't allow you to overclock the hz further, even though its running at 1080p for example if you downscale it. It would still be pumping out 8.3M pixles(4k) So if it cant run 4k@100hz it wont help lowing the resolution. Hope this helps
  26. Mira Yurizaki

    Getting a job

    At the end of the day, where you went to school is largely irrelevant. For practical reasons however, consider the following: How much does it cost to go there per term? How much is the cost of living in the area? Does the school require you to pay non-residency fees? (the CSU system in California requires any non-California resident to pay fees on top of tuition) What are your financial aid options? I mean, it doesn't hurt to look at which schools you really want to go to or which looks interesting, but keep in mind of those four things so you're not coming out of school with a mountain of debt. EDIT: Also plan on being there for 5 years rather than 4. Getting out at 4 only happens in ideal situations.
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