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  2. So I reecently purchased a "Samsung 970 EVO Plus Series - 500GB PCIe NVMe - M.2 Internal SSD". And I knew I had a pcie 3.0 x4 slot for this, right next to my ram. And so after installation I ran Samsung Magician and it's saying it's running on PCIe Gen 2x4, and my speeds are not what they should be. I also ran hwinfo, to make sure my motherboard supports 3.0 and it does. The bandwith is also not being taken up by a wireless card, tried taking that out too. I also tried using my bios to change this, but my bios doesn't have a lot of options to be changed, since my pc is a prebuilt dell, with a basic dell motherboard. I've been trying to solve this for 5 hours, looking up different solutions and most don't even apply to me, since my bios is so shit. Thanks for your time.
  3. alatron978

    What CPU for gaming??

    It is way faster then all the others and way better value for gaming. Plus you wont run in to stuttering like you might with only 6 threads on the 9600K.
  4. Rexper

    NEW PSU Tier List

    The Antec EA550G is pretty good, if it's the newer model. You need to be careful with those as you may actually be buying the older, obsolete model. Could you provide a link where you're buying from?
  5. paddy-stone

    Another Petabyte

    At a certain point I wouldn't bother with keeping raw files, it's not like they would re-make a video after say 2 years or something is it? I mean yes, I would keep UNUSED footage, but for footage that'd already been used I would just keep a compressed version for "just in case" the footage was wiped from youtube or something.
  6. MrMarcz

    What CPU for gaming??

    Okay, can you come with a reason?
  7. Steven123123

    Anyone here in the Skilled Trades?

    Some trades are doing great, some wages have not improved in the last decade or two. I went into appliance repair when i left school but i moved on after the recession. I dont see any reason to go back. There are "approved" companies that have locked down the industry and lots of whiteware products are not made to be serviced. Planned obsolescence sucks.
  8. It was GPU. Don't know how, but I fried the DisplayPort controller on the card and had to RMA it. I chalk it up to the age, the use, and the fact that I had also overclocked the monitor's refresh rate.
  9. DenkataBG

    Mouse Sensitivity problem

    Thanks, but should I edit "MouseSpeed" or "MouseSensitivity" ?
  10. alatron978

    What CPU for gaming??

    Out of those 4, 100% the 8700.
  11. Not cheap at all; stop looking at overly expensive drives.
  12. You know what places in the world I have no intention to ever visit? Basically entire Arab world because of backwards mentality there in general as far as society goes. And UK. Because they are basically becoming the western version of Arabs. Thank god they are on their own bloody island so we don't have to build a wall when shit will really go absolutely bizarro...
  13. MrMarcz

    What CPU for gaming??

    I know, but if I were to buy a i7 8700K, which Surreals suggested I would without a doubt overclock it, which would result in me having to buy better and more effective cooling and going over my budget
  14. No problem. I mean it could be a dead GPU for sure, but if it is, I would assume that it'd been subjected to near critical temps or something for a long time to die like that... I would have probably expected to see some sign of it dying, like artifacting etc maybe. I'm not a GPU guru or anything though. I'd ask in the GPU forum, if they would expect certain signs of a GPU dying, to get their take on it too. This is one reason why I am really glad I have access to other hardware at this point in my life, for troubleshooting purposes... in my youth I didn't so much and was awkward as hell sometimes.
  15. RejZoR

    Browser with best battery life?

    Bloated? LMAO. Opera, maybe, but it's not even fat because of it and stuff you don't need can be unticked easily. Brave, literally has essential features backed with ad and track blocking. How is something this essential a bloat? But installing 20 extensions to make Chrome half usable isn't bloat...
  16. 191x7

    What CPU for gaming??

    Only K (Intel) processors can be overclocked, if there's no K after the 8700 it's not an overclockable CPU.
  17. Zerebratox

    Computer doesnt find monitor

    Well, my graphics card didnt seem to like one of my Displayport Connectors with this monitor. So i changed it. Solved the Problem. Unfortunately i have to Send the monitor back, because i have 2 dead pixels, which really bugs me ^^
  18. I think С14 is better then C16, but why you ask this?
  19. RejZoR

    Browser with best battery life?

    Now you're saying like you can't login to GMail because the browser is Firefox or Opera... Ugh? Whole world revolves around Google because people are lazy, dumb and ignorant and they just use whatever everyone is using like absolute sheep. It's why Chrome is so popular. Not because it's actually that good, it's because everyone is shilling stupid Chrome on all ends, it's promoted on all ends, it's bundled with everything. But none of that makes it good or even better. It just means it has the most presence among people, but for all other reasons than quality or good design.
  20. I have a m1h61r mb dell motherboard. Recently I reset the bios and now I need to flash the bios onto the motherboard. It does not display anything on screen but it did before. How do I flash the bios on a motherboard that doesn’t have a flash bios button? And that doesn’t display to a monitor.
  21. duncannah

    Browser with best battery life?

    BTW Brave and Opera are just bloated versions of Chrome -- the upcoming Edge might be good but it's still being worked on
  22. myselfolli

    Dual Boot vs VM

    Features like assigning cores etc. would most likely be dependant on the Hypervisor used, not the OS... I think I'll be going the dual boot way, although I'll probably get a small SSD just for the dreaded Windows OS (500GB should be fine I think)
  23. Vasllo


    Dafuq are you running?
  24. MrMarcz

    What CPU for gaming??

    Yea true but wouldn't that require me to get some pretty good and a little expensive cooling since I would be overclocking it, to go pretty high?
  25. nifty917

    NEW PSU Tier List

    which one is better? 1.antec ea550g 7year waranty (82$) 2.evga 450gd 3year (54$), 3.leadex silver 550w 3year (72$) 4.bequeit pure power 11 500w 5year (71$) 5.bitfenix whisper 550w 7year (96$),a bit overbudget 6.a used evga 850gq with 3year waranty left for (65$),overkill and didnt like used stuff :P my specs: i5 6600k stock=65w h270m mobo rx 580= 160w undervolt, 225w oc 2hdd, 2ssd 4 rgb fan
  26. @paddy-stone I tried both another PCIe slot and power cables to no avail. I built the whole system Feb of 2016, so just over 3 years (conveniently 2 months out of the GPU warranty date, lol). Bought everything brand new for my first build, added some random stuff here and there (lighting, fans, etc) but all main components (mobo, cpu, gpu, ram, psu) are from 3 years ago. Never had any issues with the system until last night. Game almost everyday and use for productivity as well. I work from home part time. Just want to make sure I don't have to fix a second rig before I stick my card in my friends machine. From what i've read online, it seems to be a dead GPU. Was gonna upgrade anyway, so it is what it is. Thanks for the help!
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