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  2. ah, i see btw, do you have any idea which focus platform the strix is?
  3. Origami Cactus

    Which Cooler for i9-9900KF

    Just get the Dark Rock Pro 4, and leave the excellent default fans. No need to change them. Also check out the Noctua D15/D14.
  4. The Torrent

    Which Cooler for i9-9900KF

    I’d just go some sexy aio. corsair platinum or kracken x62 or something like that. check out the asus ones.
  5. LukeSavenije

    Which Cooler for i9-9900KF

    I'd get the drp4, we're talking about a ~200w processor here. and do you already have the board? because there's better for the price
  6. isn't this a delta? You misquoted his post. What he actually said is: High Current Gamer Gold are on Seasonic Focus Plus. Why not Google it if you weren't sure? Unfortunately even if Lienus actually wrote about the old High Current Gamer series, then saying "it's a Delta" is still not the right answer - most of those PSUs used Seasonic GB Bronze platform (400, 520, 620, and the modular versions of those), some of them used Seasonic AM (750M and 850M), and finally the others used Delta (750 and 900). The Core does exist: https://seasonic.com/core-gx https://seasonic.com/core-gm https://seasonic.com/core-gc Unfortunately you can't actually buy it, and seems like they didn't start mass producing it either - all the photos and videos on the page are computer generated.
  7. Princess Luna

    Which Cooler for i9-9900KF

    Why'd you downgrade the fan? Yes the Dark Rock 4 is enough my 9900K is clocked at 5ghz just fine under one.
  8. Jurrunio

    Evga 1080ti power limit stuck

    there. not the case this time
  9. That’s great. Just gonna buy one so just want to check it does run up to the refresh rate.
  10. Skiiwee29


    What did you upgrade from?
  11. No, DP1.2 should be able to do 120hz at that res. Maybe they use some chroma subsampling, but i don't think that it is needed. On the bad side, your monitor truly only has hdmi 1.4. So drop the res down to 720p, and then you might be able to to 100 or 120hz over hdmi.
  12. Paul S.

    Bottle neck prevention

    I'm talking about the i7 4770 because the i7 4790 ist 110€
  13. Yeah, that is bad, definitely rotate that. As AIO's age, they get a little emptier, so when the tubes are on the top, they can't reach the water basically.
  14. Molesy

    Which Cooler for i9-9900KF

    360mm is about $300 here and the Dark Rock 4 is $100 with the pro 4 at around $120 so even with corsair ML fans there is a huge price gap for me. i was hoping the Dark Rock 4 with a ML fan would be enough ?
  15. slide9595

    New around here. Just wanted to say hi!

    I think it is quite common to hit a wall especially when you are on the road to recovery, I speak about the road to recovery quite a bit on these forums if you have managed to see any of my posts at all...
  16. The Torrent

    3440 x 1440 120hz dp1.2 how?

    I’m told that dp1.2 only does 100hz at that res. however AG352UCG6 this monitor is a 120hz gsync monitor which only has dp1.2? Please explain?
  17. thicc_boi

    The Biggest Bottleneck EVER? - LattePanda + RTX Titan

    Off topic, are you guys gonna review the Sony WF-1000XM3? They seem like the best better Galaxy Buds alternative. @LinusTech @AlexTheGreatish
  18. slide9595

    What did you learn today?

    I learned that understanding the technical and domain stuff for my website is not as hard as I thought. I'm still a bit overwhelmed but I'm making progress (and I've only had to call tech support twice with random questions!)
  19. KageSong

    LTT forum "banning" game

    Obviously banned for not having a reason to ban.
  20. Oh, my pipes have always been at the top. I'll give the radiator a switch around and see how that works. And the radiator sits on the back case fan slot.
  21. KageSong

    New member. I can say hi here.

    Given no context, I assume you mean RHPS, in which case, yes, yes it is.
  22. Zedrom123

    Hugely decreased FPS in games

    Well it worked.
  23. Sorry left out important information. AG352UCG6 3440 x 1440 wait I’m confused. If says that’s got dp1.2 but I thought highest it goes is 100hz?
  24. thicc_boi

    The Biggest Bottleneck EVER? - LattePanda + RTX Titan

    Mxm supplies power. M.2 is obviously hardcore power limited cause it has fewer and smaller pins
  25. Motherboard doesn't have moving parts, on the other hand: You have an Corsair H75 AIO, which pumps water around at a very fast speed. Depending on how old your AIO is, it could be either air bubbles in the loop (most probable), or your pump is dying. Where is your radiator mounted in the case? The tubes should be at the bottom of the radiator, not the top, so rotate the radiator if needed. Definitely air bubbles.
  26. GrockleTD

    Which Cooler for i9-9900KF

    360mm ought to do it, or NH-U12 if air is more your thing.
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