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  2. seoz

    Razer is bad they say, get something else they said.

    I am the complete opposite... I treat my mouse like a baby, I clean it often, I'm delicate on clicks, and I mouse lift super gently. I've gotten mine through 250+ hours of CSGO, 50 hours of Overwatch, and a bunch of hours in several hours and like I say, it's still just as good as the day I got it.
  3. iMDarker

    New build

    Will do thanks.
  4. husseinHr

    DIY beefy PC jitters and lags since day 1 - Why?

    okay i'm going to try this stuff. i usually have 30, 50 or 80GB free. this is a rare occasion. problem has been going on since day 1 anyway so.
  5. jstudrawa

    Best Laptop for under $1800?

    Right but it's a laptop. it's an all in one travelling gaming and working machine. Maybe he doesn't want to sacrifice? If you have the money, why not? You're paying a premium but you're getting real things. Maybe incremental, but only he can determine. You say the word sacrifice. Maybe he doesn't have to. Or want to. It's $1675 currently... not the cheapest, but there's more to a laptop than just specs. https://smile.amazon.com/MSI-GS65-Stealth-THIN-051-i7-8750H/dp/B07BB7XN8C/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=msi+laptop&qid=1555605645&s=digital-text&sr=8-4
  6. Wait, I'm kind of losing track of which console you're talking about... but either way I think this is a bit of a false comparison; censoring nudity isn't the same as straight up avoiding any remotely violent or sexually charged game. Yes, the Wii alienated a lot of old fans, but not because of the lack of nudity; it was more about the more "casual" oriented control schemes and the lack of many third party games. They aren't doing that; they're simply censoring some of the most explicit nudity. The games are still going to be published and play pretty much the same unless the whole point is nudity. Either way, if they notice a negative trend in sales that could be related to this decision I'm sure they'll be very quick to revert it; they aren't suddenly changing their entire brand or marketing their console exclusively as a family friendly system. And again, every business decision such as this one is carefully weighed by market analysts - they may certainly be wrong, but they wouldn't do it if they didn't have reasons to believe it would work. Again, I don't claim to know whether this is a sound marketing decision or not - I'm simply contesting the idea that Sony is deliberately going against their own best interest due to some crazy conspiracy aimed at ruining video games.
  7. A Bluray reader will be 5.25", a HDD cage is 3.5". So the reader simply will not fit ... at least not without some serious case modifications. If you rarely ever use one, I'd suggest getting an external reader.
  8. https://www.amazon.com/External-Bluray-Burner-Reader-Windows/dp/B07PX14QG1?ref_=Oct_TopRatedC_1292123011_0&pf_rd_p=32cc95db-5ce2-5ed1-b61e-3c2ee4ac6dc0&pf_rd_s=merchandised-search-6&pf_rd_t=101&pf_rd_i=1292123011&pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_r=YR8F94RX02538PEH67WT&pf_rd_r=YR8F94RX02538PEH67WT&pf_rd_p=32cc95db-5ce2-5ed1-b61e-3c2ee4ac6dc0 External drive?
  9. CharminUltraStrong

    Razer is bad they say, get something else they said.

    Yep!! I've owned the Logitech G502 Proteus Core since it came out basically in 2014 or something and the only problem that was the fault of the mouse was that the scroll wheel's metal finish bubbled up a little from corrosion from so much usage. Otherwise, the cloth sheathing split because someone in my house twisted the wire up. I've had 0 issues with the mouse otherwise and went on to purchase the Logitech G Pro hero for FPS titles. Maybe the OP got unlucky? But mine has endured some very hard core usage, it's been dropped many times, has seen HOURS of action etc. Same for the G Pro and I've noticed no real degradation of the mouse.
  10. Just found this on Asus: "Version 68082019/03/1510 MBytes CROSSHAIR VI HERO BIOS 6808 Update AGESA 0070 for the upcoming processors and improve CPU compatibility. ASUS strongly recommends installing AMD chipset driver 18.50.16 or later before updating BIOS." What is the bios version before the one i updated yesterday. So i just installed those drivers and now updating bios again..
  11. Compatibility BIOS i guess. Only checks for CPU and updates accordingly. Could become custumary to do so at some point. As in boards come with a compatibility BIOS and the updates itself on powerup. And if it doesnt reqognise it requests a BIOS update to a newer revision compatibility-BIOS.
  12. Totally possible, quite doable, and 100% redneck as hell Do it! It's a nice case, too.
  13. Findiculous

    Best Laptop for under $1800?

    Going cheaper will demand sacrifices. The point is, for light gaming, hitting that budget mark is real overkill and just a waste of money which could go towards much better things. Acer Nitro 5 was a point that you can get a gaming laptop which more than meets the needs of the OP without having to meet the full budget.
  14. hmmm, I'll look into it. Could be dependent on which gen of Intel too All I know is that my friend said his 9600k got 10 more fps with 3000Mhz over 2133Mhz
  15. Intelfreak

    General X58 Xeon/i7 discussion

    Ah i see. 4.8 GHz is high clock. For the fun of it i ran super pi on my own system. First with CPU fan´s locked to 1200 RPM and case fans at 900 RPM and then back after that all fans at there max speed. that is around 2900 RPM for CPU fans and 2300-2400 RPM for case fans that is corsair ML120 so you can se temp difference on air cooling. I keep alle cores and HT on. I ran it just on my every day settings. so no optimisazing for super pi run. ups on second image i forgot to chose different fan in CPU-z, but shut not mater so much as its the same settings. only fan speed is changed.
  16. Stefan Payne

    Which GPU for my PSU?

    it looks like its reference V56. But I don't know wich 580 was used. That said, its possible that the V56 was limited by the Cooler because it reached the Temperature Limit. It might also be that they used an aftermarket 580 with a high TDP... So not sure.
  17. Sorry, I forgot to mention the details as I was busy installing the tv and optimizing settings and boi, does it look gorgeous on my living room wall. So, I am concerned with stock YouTube 4k60 playback issue rn, there are problems with the stock 'Media' app as well (will come back to em in a moment). So, I checked Stats For Nerds and the current/optimal res. is 3840x2160@60 / 3840x2160@60 with buffer health really low down to 0.05s (as the router is on my pc desk in bedroom 30 ft. away and several walls in between router and tv; fortunately I cleared up some space for my entire PC rig in the drawing room which is like 15-ish feet from the tv with no obstacles in between so hopefully the buffering problem will be cured:)). Same story with 1440p with buffer health up to 4-5s but still sometimes the video buffers and still there's no true 60 fps, and motion smoothing doesn't work at all for 1440p and 4k while it works flawlessly for 1080p and lower res. So idk why the heck 4k60 and 1440p60 doesn't work buttery smoothly. Coming back to stock Media app, I connected Seagate BUP Slim 2TB Red (NTFS formatted) and no video is able to play (Media not playable message) while the Morocco 8k video by Jacob + Katie that I downloaded in 4k HDR 60 fps in mkv via IDM on my San Disk USB3.0 flash drive plays perfectly on the Media app with true 60 fps experience, no stuttering unlike in YT but with colours washed off af (like you see in a HDR10 x265 playing on a non-hdr monitor) and suckingly with "No Audio"! So either please help me resolve this Media aop playback problems or suggest me a good video player app that I can sideload (tried MX Player Pro arm version from apkmirror but it's displaying a message with non-clickable OK button so the message doesn't go away, the msg displayed is something like this: 'Need to verify license with a google account, click OK to proceed'. Apart from the above-mentioned problems, I'm very much satisfied with overall picture quality and brightness that an hdr panel needs and my sincere gratitude to Hisense for delivering such a high quality panel to my living room. lemme know if anything else required, I'm happy to share with ya brilliant guys and gals.
  18. Looking for laptop as title says programming and youtube/twitch on the side. Have a desktop for a gaming and stuff. Wanna laptop to hop in the bed in evening and comfortably chill. Budget £400-550 GBP I don't really care about battery, weight, because it won't leave house. Needs: Screen 14-15" Back lit keyboard. I don't think i need laptop with these specs for my needs, so maybe you'll steer me off to something else that would do the the trick. Candidates: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Lenovo-IdeaPad-520S-14IKBR-14-Inch-Notebook/dp/B0792DXX54/ref=olp_product_details?_encoding=UTF8&me=&qid=1555604651&sr=1-4 https://www.amazon.co.uk/Acer-Extensa-15-6-inch-i5-7200U-Windows/dp/B07DHQW51D/ref=sr_1_5?keywords=laptop&qid=1555605065&refinements=p_36%3A40000-55000&rnid=428432031&s=computers&sr=1-5 https://www.amazon.co.uk/Lenovo-81HN00FAUK-i5-7200U-256GB-15-6IN/dp/B07DGTLX96/ref=sr_1_7?keywords=laptop&qid=1555605103&refinements=p_36%3A40000-55000&rnid=428432031&s=computers&sr=1-7 https://www.amazon.co.uk/ASUS-VivoBook-R5-2500-Quad-Core-Processor/dp/B07MWDDMHW/ref=sr_1_12?keywords=laptop&qid=1555605103&refinements=p_36%3A40000-55000&rnid=428432031&s=computers&sr=1-12 More then welcome to suggest anything else.
  19. jstudrawa

    Razer is bad they say, get something else they said.

    This. I had a LED problem on my C key, would only do blue. I called them to get an RMA, they sent me a new one. Told me to keep the old one too. My kid has a nice keyboard now, albeit with a blue C key I don't know if I love the keyboard tho, but their CS impressed me. I do like the G502 I have tho, been a couple years now and no issues at all. RMA it.
  20. This actually came up a while ago, AIBs mentioned they would be making specific BIOS versions for when this becomes a problem.
  21. I remember watching a bunch of videos by reputable sources(think hardware unboxed? maybe gn) and they compared 2133, 2400, 2666, 3000 and 3200 on an intel and ryzen cpu, the intel one had less than 1% increase from 2133 to 3200
  22. GoldenLag

    Best Laptop for under $1800?

    Something like a Huawei Matebook X Pro is more or less the best you can get. If you want something a tad cheaper, the Matebook 13 and Matebook 14 is a good option Note: these are ultrabooks
  23. TheGlenlivet

    i wants to build PC for Rendering ( Need suggestion )

    Right now, for the money, this is good advice. I'm not sure how all of your different workflows and software utilize cores and speed, but the 9900K is a very good combination of both. It has good flexibility. The only issue is building a system with it for your price point.
  24. I had them out this morning, what was a real pain, i caused a leak;; Now my PC is dryed up and lucky it's still alive. So if i gonna swap around the GPUs again i really need to empty the all loop...
  25. Eastman51

    i wants to build PC for Rendering ( Need suggestion )

    is your budget $1200 US? or is it in your local currency?
  26. Majinhoju

    Sony Now Internally Regulates Sexual Content in Video Games

    Seems a bit silly to me but it's up to Sony how to manage their platform. I can just play my Xbox or PC instead if I don't like it.
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