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  2. ComputerNerdDude158

    Building pc for a friend

    Awesome! This should be helpful!
  3. I have a i7-6700K OC'ed to 4.5Ghz and a GTX 1080 Ti with just the factory OC. I play at 1080p@144Hz, and before anyone asks...no, a 1080 Ti can't even get AAA games to 144Hz@1080p when using Ultra-High. Anyways, when I watch my CPU & GPU utilization, both bounce around the 80's & 90's. When looking at Afterburner's history, the GPU spends most of its time in tuie 90's, but with frequent drops into the 80's and even 70's. So ya, I know I have a minor bottleneck going on. I came up with two possible ways to solve it. 1. My cooler is only a 140mm AIO, so if I get a 240mm AIO, I know my CPU can hit 4.7Ghz@1.41v, but not sure if a 200Mhz will make that much of a difference. 2. My main PC has an i7-7700K with an OC of 5.0Ghz. Since that system games at 1440p, it doesn't need as powerful of a CPU, so thinking about swapping CPU's. Thus the 6700K will go into my main rig and the higher clocked 7700K will go into the bottlenecked system to provide more CPU headroom. Is that enough to get rid of the bottleneck, or do I need to jump to a higher level CPU?
  4. GeneXiS_X

    Laptop Upgrade

    If you have 2 then you already have dual channel RAM. Don't need to upgrade. x2 8GB RAM is also possible if you want to do that (any RAM stick with 2400MHz CL17 spec will do)
  5. Techno Edition

    Is this... Ok?

  6. Ankerson

    What reason do people do 2 2080ti?

    I have no idea other than bragging rights and ort running benchmarks. I have a FTW3 Ultra 2080Ti and that is plenty.
  7. Kokomo

    Are my temperatures ok?

    Hi I just wanted to know if my temperatures are ok for my aio while using the kraken 62.. on idle browsing and watching youtube and stuff is about 35-37 and when i play games it usually goes between 40 and 50 while playong overwatch. And also I am just abit concerned that i didn't put the fams the wrong way round for the radiator. The cpu im using is a 9700k my gpu goes to about 55 and around the same for being idle. Thanks
  8. eemunni

    Building pc for a friend

    Ok you cannot upgrade that psu without 24pin atx to 6pin adapter and you need to re wire that adapter too Look that post how to re wire it.
  9. KaineT

    RTX 2080 with NZXT G12?

    I know it' not the same, but for some additional context you can read my other thread on watercooling a GPU with the G12 and the X42 here, I have a GTX 980 Ti (GV-N98TG1). The Windforce fans died, so I got the G12 and X42 to cool GPU and it's great so far, at full load on Superposition, it doesnt get hotter than 69°C. Previously I averaged 75-80°C at full load. Idle was 55°C+/- before, now idle is between 41-45°C. Hope this helps.
  10. I think the point they're making here Is the same One JayzTwocents was trying to make the other day but failed massively at lol. Based on your price point for your rig. what you're doing with your rig there's certain things that make more sense at a cheaper point and certain things that make more sense at a higher price point. For example, If you're going to play some games at 1080p on an 7100 I3 the price to performance for a RX590 is probably the card because they're dirt cheap and they provide excellent value gaming at 1080. Vice versa you're not going to toss a RTX2080ti on here because you wont even use it the RTX2080ti is gonna be waiting for CPU to preprocess everything anyhow and it's a waste of money. on the other hand if you're gonna spend some money 1500-2000 do a bunch of multi threaded tasks on a i9 9900k or a Ryzen 2700x play some games in 1440 and maybe even 4k, Youre not going to pair that system with a GTX 1060 anymore. The price to performance makes no sense. You're gonna wanna go RTX 2060-2080/ti (Because the price to performance makes more sense here to spend more on the graphics card. This is what they're getting at with these value propositions. It's all relative to what you're doing and what you wanna spend.
  11. BluJay614

    Vega finally beats RTX? Vulkan strikes again!

    What reviewers that are reliable and trustworthy use it. I don't mean bringing up the claims, I mean ACTUALLY use it.
  12. leadeater

    Vega finally beats RTX? Vulkan strikes again!

    PS3 used PSGL and PS4 uses GNM/GNMX, which I think the latter one is a new but still rework of what they had renamed. There's not a lot of specific information about GNM but it's very unlikely to not be based on something like OpenGL as an actual ground up API is far too much work, I know Sony goes a bit insane with consoles but not that much. GNM is low-level hardware access and GNMX is higher-level access aimed at smaller devs and for quicker projects etc, GNMX is first point of call unless you really need that extra performance/optimization. As it is it's very similar to Vulkan and DX12 which both have high and low level access.
  13. LinusTechTipsFanFromDarlo

    Buying mom a new phone.

    I think it's probably best for her to choose which one she wants then obviously you buy it as a gift.
  14. GoldenLag

    Is this... Ok?

    PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant CPU: AMD - Ryzen 3 1200 3.1 GHz Quad-Core Processor (£55.97 @ Amazon UK) Motherboard: ASRock - B450M PRO4 Micro ATX AM4 Motherboard (£67.97 @ CCL Computers) Memory: Corsair - Vengeance LPX 8 GB (2 x 4 GB) DDR4-3000 Memory (£47.58 @ Aria PC) Storage: Kingston - A400 240 GB 2.5" Solid State Drive (Purchased For £0.00) Storage: Western Digital - WD Blue 750 GB 2.5" 5400RPM Internal Hard Drive (Purchased For £0.00) Storage: Western Digital - Caviar Blue 1 TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive (Purchased For £0.00) Video Card: Sapphire - Radeon R9 290 4 GB Tri-X Video Card (£60.00) Case: CiT - CIT-F3BLACKRED MicroATX Mini Tower Case (£26.99 @ AWD-IT) Other: 650 watt TX PSU from corsair (£25.00) Total: £283.51 Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available Generated by PCPartPicker 2019-04-22 17:52 BST+0100 Save up for this. Its not getting any cheaper. Unless you drop the case. In which its a little cheaper
  15. 10ghz

    Screens turning black

    Currently having a problem with my pc. My screens will turn black for 2-3 seconds with sound still playing. They both turn black 2-3 seconds just showing a black screen. Sometimes just one screen turns black. light is still showing so i don't think there is any power problems. Idk any reason this would happen. problems occur randomly both gaming or watching youtube I have flashed bios twice without any problems i know of reseted windows 10 using windows 10 own option tried updating gpu driver Gtx 1080 Gaming X Evga supernova g3 650w I7-8700k Msi Gaming m5 z370 1 TB Samsung SSD Corsair Vengeance RGB 3000mhz Cryorig H7 - CPU Cooler Noctis 450 - Case  Running dual monitors both at 144hz (BenQ xl2430)
  16. ComputerNerdDude158

    Building pc for a friend

    This PC was in real bad shape when I got it, the Cpu was dead, it had no ram, the hard drive was dead (was gonna put a ssd in anyways) and all the fans were locked, I rebuilt it cause the guy I'm building it for wants it to be a sff so he has room for it in his house, so that's why I'm doing this instead of building a whole new pc
  17. Curious Pineapple

    Will Mac pro Xeons work in other machines?

    At the moment all it does is spin the fans, anything at all would be better. A pair for £3 posted is about as cheap as I'm going to get.
  18. Kilo One

    Buying mom a new phone.

    Hello guys, as you may have seen in the title my mom’s B day is coming and and want to give her a brand new phone. She currently have a galaxy J7 (2016) and I have a budget of $250 USD. She doesn’t care about brands so what’s the best phone you can buy with that budget (current models). Thanks for the help really appreciated that.
  19. Sounds like the GPU. And some motherboard BIOS's will have the IGPU disabled by default if a suitable GPU is installed in a slot. That's not unusual. If you go into your BIOS, it should give you the option to use both as if you were to run a dual monitor setup with a monitor plugged into each one.
  20. ComputerNerdDude158

    Building pc for a friend

  21. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Intel-Core-i5-9600K-Coffee-Lake-6-Cores-3-7GHz-Unlocked-Desktop-Processor/123743408590?epid=2296658519&hash=item1ccfae91ce:g:CukAAOSwXdlcuzAS While browsing UserBenchmark I noticed that the value of the i5-9600k had gone up considerably. On closer inspection, the average price of the CPU was what it normally was ($259) but on eBay it had a listing for the i5 for $129. I was looking at the Ryzen 5 2600x for a new build but if this is real then I would have no problem subbing this out and getting a cooler and returning my motherboard.
  22. Master Disaster

    Will Mac pro Xeons work in other machines?

    I thought the only difference here was microcode? The actual CPUs are identical.
  23. Zando Bob

    Will Mac pro Xeons work in other machines?

    Why not just get an equally cheap CPU that actually works, if you want to test and see if it can go into windows or not. POSTing doesn't always mean everything works.
  24. _Syn_

    question about internet uphrading

    Yeah but as I said, it really varies on where you are, you're gonna download at the speed you're getting, if you get 200Mb (bits) then you'll download at 200Mb/s, but you have no way of knowing if you'll actually receive that speed on your phone, and mobile data is bad for online gaming if that's your purpose
  25. ComputerNerdDude158

    Building pc for a friend

    Hp Compaq Elite 8300 Small form factor
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