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Rx460 updating to Adrenalin 18.x loses hdmi output


My son’s HP desktop has an Rx460 card which runs fine on Adrenalin 17.x drivers.


As soon as we try to update to 18.x drivers we end up with only a black screen (but monitor reports signal output...... just it’s black) fans in the card aren’t spinning, and the system is now outputting display on the integrated gpu from the motherboard.

We’ve tried removing the drivers with DDU and trying again, no joy. Rolling back to  17.x is fine.



The pc has a woefully poor psu, and although the 460 doesn’t have a dedicated power connector, I’m speculating that the driver update may be making the card pull too much power out of the pci express slot.


he has a 600w supply under the tree for Xmas? So I’m hoping this will solve the issues as I suspect he is hitting some old driver problems when trying to run forza 4 horizons.


are these the sorts of symptoms people would expect from an “ under powered card”?


ta in advance



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