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Splitting my pc in 2 different system?


I currently own this

R3 1200

B350m pro vdh

Rx 580 8gb

2x 4gb ddr4 ripjaws V 3000mhz

650w thermaltake smart series

500gb ssd 860 evo

Antec 300 mid tower


(Side parts 650ti boost 1tb hdd / b55 phenom II / msi 870g45 or sumthing  mobo / some ram laying around)


I want a better gaming machine for blackout/bfv and i want a secondary pc for the wife ( just  for internetbrowsing/streaming tv shows onto tv)


My plan is to keep the rx 580gb& 860 evo sdd   and shove it into an all new  system ( smart idea?)

So  what seemed in my budget was r5 2600 so what im finnaly asking is can i get suggestion (canadian partpicker) for the new system.  a budget friendly rig that wont be overclocked and that could take advantage of   maybe a 144hz monitor? 

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With another dGPU around, I'd grab 120 Gb SSD (SSDs are on deep discount right now), get a solid but cheap PSU and put it in the "current" system. Grab a 2600(X), solid B450 motherboard and 16 Gb of memory.


It really depends on your budget. At the end, you're building a whole "new" system, but parts get mixed & matched. You might think about a mATX board & case for your secondary system, as that might be on-Net cheap to make.


Though this is in the wrong forum. 

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