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Corsair Carbide 600Q CLC question / conerns

So I've narrowed down my case to the Corsair Carbide 600Q for the factors: 

  1. the 5.25" drive bay, needed for putting in a 16 bay SSD cage
  2. EATX support
  3. Noise dampened
  4. 3.5" drive bays (two minimum)
  5. Price

I now have concerns around the placement of a drain valve into the loop, I've seen custom loops done in this case but none had visible drain valves. 










Where would you put the drain valve, if any?


Also would the system here have an issue with the fact the radiator isn't at the highest point? Meaning an air bubble could form on the top most block (which I think in this system in particular is an NVMe SSD) 


Apologies if this is a stupid question, this is my first dabble in custom loop cooling. 

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