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AG272FCX opinions?


Does anyone here has AOC AG272FCX (freesync, MVA, 144hz)? Opinions? This is my number 1 choice to hunt on Black friday (maybe even Asus XG27VQ is price falls drastically).


I am most worried about freesync, is implementation right? Asking this because on first search my first choice was Acer 273A but I found out a lot of comments that are talking about nasty flickering with freesync on.


Only problem I could find about this monitor is that someone wrote that 144hz wasn`t displayed correcty until he restarted the monitor (it showed on fraps 144hz but it was on 60hz).

Other things which interest me:

- Game smoothness, does it have black smearing, blur. Colors? Does this monitor use Samsung panel (there is no information od displayspecifications)? Maybe someone knows how is is picture quality compared to Benq EW2775ZH?

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