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Stutter/lag while gaming: GPU, CPU, PSU, monitor, Windows 10...? GTX 1070


Hello everyone,

First of all, apologies for my English (Dutch is my native language).

To start, I would like to share my setup:
CPU: Intel 6600k 3,5 Ghz – Overclock to 4,2Ghz (since March 2018)
GPU: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1070 G1 Gaming (version 388.13)
Motherboard: Asus Z170 Pro Gaming (Bios 3805, new since today)
PSU: Coolmaster 750 watt plus bronze
RAM: 16 GB corsair 2133 Mhz
Cooler CPU: Cooler Master Hyper TX3 EVO
Windows 10: version 1803 since May 2018
Screen: Dell U2515 Ultrasharp, 6ms with resolution: 2540*1440, 60fps.

The reason why I’m here is because I have a serious problem with my computer, especially with my graphics card. It all started +-2 weeks ago when I was playing PubG, suddenly my game started to “stutter”. In the beginning, it was more or less “reasonable” because we all now PubG has some serious server troubles time by time but day after day, it was getting worse and all of my friend didn’t experience any troubles.

So I explored the web, did some benchmark/stress tests (Valley,AIDA64 extreme, Userbenchmark.com) but none of them seemed unusual due other reactions of people with more or less the same system. Mabey I overlooked something or are these tests pretty useless?

Some test results: 
Valley 8AA fullscreen Extreme HD:
-Score: 3975
-FPS: 95
-min FPS: 43
-Max 194,60

Userbenchmark :
-CPU : Bench= 92,8% (outstanding)
-GPU : Bench=105%(outstanding)
-SSD: unable to bench? Incomplete?
-Seagate Barracuda 7200 rpm: 106% (outstanding)
-Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 2133 C13 2*8GB: Bench= 79,3% (very good)
Remark: High background CPU

AIDA64Extreme (stress test, 10 min)
-CPU Throttle: 0%
-CPU temp. max: 64
-CPU core 1 max : 77
-CPU core 2 max : 78
-CPU core 3 max : 71
-CPU core 4 max :77
-CPU voltage : 1.344-1.392 (strange because limited to 1.35 in bios?)
-CPU power max: 85.31 Watt
-CPU clocks: 4199,7 (Mhz)

After these results, I was thinking about a driver issue so I re-installed my GTX 1070 drivers (older drivers, not version 388.13 but newest at that moment) with DDU, nothing changed. One day later, Nvidia released 388.13 so I have updated them but still the same issue…

I started to look further, maybe something wrong with my CPU overclock? I removed the overclock, still the same issue.

I found some advice about PubG settings, even played it at “low”, used the V-sync option, screen lock at 60fps… with no results. At that point, I didn’t test any other game so I started to test Call of Duty WWII because I didn’t had any issues in the past with this game but here, the stutter was enormous. Short after, I played League of Legends, also here I experienced slight stutter at the beginning or during heavily fights but it was more or less reasonable.

After this, I started to change some settings: windows at high performance, chance 3D options in Nvidia control panel, CPU power option to 99% (instead off 100%)… Nothing helped to improve, on the contrary it got worse?!

Then I started to “mess around” with my GPU. I slightly raised the core clock (+100) and the memory (+ 700). Did some stability tests, it passed (max was +125 core and +900 memory). This was also negative…

Meanwhile, I downloaded Rivatuner to view my in game specs (combination with MSI Afterburner) so I could see what my GPU, CPU… was doing while gaming. 

Results for PubG at 2540 *1440
- CPU: max temperature 70 degrees
- CPU %: 70-100%
- GPU % 88-99%
-Core clock: 1911 mhz – 1987 mhr (changes every second)
- Memory clock: 3300-3350 MB // 4007Mhz

Results PubG at 1920*1080 ("downgraded" my screen)
-CPU max temp. no changes
-CPU %: no changes
-GPU %: 82-97%
-Core Clock: Stable at 1962 Mhz
-Memory clock: 2750-2850 MB // 4007Mhz

Despites the core clock didn’t change every second between a range of 1911 Mhz- 1987 mhr, I still have the same “stutter/lag”. Mabey it was a little bit better but still horrible. In call of duty WWII, my core clock stayed at 1987Mhr (2540*1440) but my memory clock fluctuated between 4000-7000MB. After a while, the game crashed. I even tried to play this game at single player: same issues with stutter, same crash but I have read that this happens quite often (COD crash) so I don’t now if this is related to my stutter/lag problem.

I ended up with a bios update to version 3805, “sigh” still the same…

After trying all these different things, I’m really out of options… Could my monitor be the bottleneck? Is 2540*1440 to high? My settings are average, I never had problems before and it all started slowly… Mabey it is my DisplayPort cable, is this possible? Tried new one + used different ports on PC/monitor, still the same. Could it be windows 10? Is it a power, CPU, GPU problem…? 

I even have thought about “formatting” my desktop but I don’t have permission because my windows is linked to my SSD? IF this could be a solution, how can I do it? I have no windows 10 disk, it was automatically on my desktop when bought, key can be found on the backside.

I’m so desperate that I also have thought about buying new stuff but- when I’m realistic- I still have a decent build or am I wrong? I bought my computer together with an other friend and he doesn’t have any problems at all… A second friend has more or less the same setup: I5 6600k, Geforce 1070 GTX (other card, no Gigabyte), 16 GB RAM and also he doesn’t have these problems…

In the past, I also had some issues with my sound, I sometimes noticed a “crack”/ “sound stutter”. I updated some drivers, changed some settings in windows and the problem was fixed. But It seemed to have returned slightly, could this be related? But outside gaming, I can’t notice any other issues.

So my ultimate question(s): Can someone help me with my problems? What do I have to do?

Ps: I also cleaned my PC at the beginning, everything is/was dust free (3/4 times a year).

Other specs: 
-GPU idle: Core 607 Mhz, Memory 405Mhz // 40 degrees
-CPU idle: 38-40 degrees 
-Internet: 194,9 Mbps download, 19,2 Mbps upload, Ping: 9/10ms. Jitter 2/3ms

I’m grateful to you all!

Kind Regards,

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