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5K Display for windows LG Ultrafine?


So i have 2x 4K displays (24Inch LG Displayts) and i love them. When i write programs and software development, watch videos and all the resolution is amazing. However I do sit quite close to the computer, so much so that i can still manage to see pixels when i "try" (yes not even that hard on a 24Inch 4K displays, but then again when i look at a FHD display at 1080p it's like going back to the "old days"). If there where 8K displays og 5K displays on a 24inch size I'd probably save up for them.


However, i saw that Linus reviewed a 5K display by LG (27inch). Now it probably has the same pixel density -ish, compared to my 4k 24 inch displays, so i thought as a third monitor in a triangle setup (2x 4k's at the bottom and one 27" 5K in the center on top) to be a nice setup. However, he goes into detail stating you can't get 5K on windows giving thunderbolt limitations due to displayport 1.2 etc.

However newer graphics card ahve displayport 1.4 and i believe the RTX cards have USB-C. Does the limitation still apply?

Specifically the LG Ultrafine is a really cheap monitor when bought manufacturing refurbished https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LG-UltraFine-5K-Display-Monitor-5120x2880-Resolution-Display-27MD5KA-RRP-1179-/132807054082

"Cheap" being relative of course. And if USB-C/Thunderbolt is out of the question, are there alternative 27Inch 5K displays?


Thanks in advance for your input :) 

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