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Looking for Help with New Build



I have built a few computers before but everytime I go to build a new one there are things that have changed, case cable connections, AIO Coolers RBG fans etc... My new build I went with the Anidee AI Crystal XL with the RGB fans pre-installed, in addition the the 5 fans that came with it I bought 3 additional Anidees RGB fans two for my AIO EVGA  Closed Loop Cooler and an extra exhaust fan. This is were I am having the confusion. Attached to the case is a fan hub for 8 fans and what I assume is connector for fan speed control from the case (the case has a 3 speed fan controller on the front). The case also came with another fan hub to control the RGB lighting which has basically the same layout, 8 fans ports, 2 labeled LED and one in front that I do not know what it is for. What I would also like to do if possible is control the RGB fans lighting I put on my AIO with the fan hub. but if I do that do i lose control over the fan speed since the fan speed for the AIO CLC is controlled by the EVGA software and fan connections. Will the EVGA software change the fan color and fan speed or do I have to make a choice, EVGA, Anidees Fan Hub or go back to the original fans that came with the AIO CLC.

I know this sound confusing I have some pictures that I hope will help.

IMG_0251 -1.jpg






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