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Wierd Wired issue


well bought a new house, so lost my 5/5Gbit line, and is down to 1/1Gbit again.


so have pulled my PFSense system apart, and optimized my system for 1/1gbit, the house had Cat5E in the walls. 


Running my ISP´s router in bridge mode, into an UBNT Edgemax 4 router, that divides into a US-8 with POE Passthrough to a UBNT NANO HD wireless, i have 1Gbit link in ALL my Wired connectors in the whole house.


My server is located in the room where the FIBER, and the equipment is setup, a Speedtest says 950/950 Mbit, so i guess it is the 1Gbit Interface card that eats the 50mbit, but that is fine.


but now the fun issues arrive, if i go to my office, on my main pc, on an Intel NIC onboard, and test i get 400-500/950Mbit, so lost 1/2 of my download.


i have 1000/1000 Mbit Link, so my guess was the cable was wrong, but i can send directly from the server with 110+MB/sec stable.


tried just using the ISP router, using a AC68 using the Edgemax. tried a new NIC (same as in server).


i can see the speedtest starts fizzling towards 1gbit, but then slowly throttles, to maybe 200mbit which averages to around the 400-500mbit, so it seems like i DO get burst speeds of 1gbit.


the only thing could be the cable? it is a BITCH to exchange.


i have put two new Cat6 shielded connectors in each end of the cable, in the wall mounts, to see if that had anything to say.. no dice. 

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it is actually the first house i have had in a long time, that actually has a good ground setup, not something into a radiator, the whole electrical system is grounded through a spear into the ground, and then 3 wires in all power outlets. and alle the equipment has 3 pol wirering.


so it should be okay

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