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Narrowing down the headset for my gaming PC need your help to guide me in the right direction


Hey everyone first of all I want to say thanks for all the help you have given me and other people. I Know nothing about audio and have learned alot by reading.


I have narrowed down the headphones I think might be a good match for me. The headphones will be only used for gaming and all different types of games from mmo, survival , rpg and fps. I am currently playing WoW, Destiny 2, Assassin Creed odyssey, but like mentioned i enjoy all different games.


I am also looking at buying either a  g5/g6 from creative, or gsx 1000. That's another debate. At the moment i might not be able to afford that amp/dac and headphones


The headphones I currently am thinking of are

Dt 990 pro special edition black 250 Ohms

Sennheiser 598sr

Ath-ad 700x

SuperLax hd668b (for this price i would change the earpads and probably buy an amp/dac)


I know the headsets are different and not sure which way to go. this would be my first headphones ever i have always used to gaming headserts. Any recommendation or opinions on other headphones would also be apprciated.


Thanks in advance

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