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I did some easy tweaks to the Evolv X.


First, I order a Noctua NF-A15 HS after i tested it with the NF-A15 that came with the U14.



It fits like its made to be the rear fan for the Evolv X


Then I got a 19mm / 20mm screw in Push button and a case loom like this of off ebay:



I installed the newly made reset switch and the original rear fan in the front like this:




These small cheap mods made the case a lot neater for me, i now have a reset button incase i should ever do some memorytweaking. Also its a few db quieter now than with the stock fan config.

Theres one last think i think it needs tho, and i think all case manufacturers should consider this, add a laptop sized optical drive slot in the case, i stil want a optical drive but i do not want a full sized 5.25" one.

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