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Sony Z1 battery problem


Last couple of days I noticed that my phone battery when is around 50%, it simply falls down to 0% and phone turns off. It seems to me that battery time from 100% to 50% lasts very long like battery is normal but sensor is not. So what should I do? If I want to buy new battery should I buy some cheap from ebay or something like this from amazon.


https://www.hagglezon.com/en/s/sony z1 battery


I am confused because there are many names for battery, which is the right one? Can I test somehow to see is battery sensor maybe broken?

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12 hours ago, LinusOnLine said:

Probably the battery getting bad considering how old that phone is. 

Phone is 3 years old.

3 hours ago, Ryanwake said:

Definitely those are symptoms of old batteries, you should replace it ASAP if it's worth anything to you. if the battery isn't user-replaceable you should probably upgrade. 


and if you're having trouble deciding which one is the correct one just make sure it has the model of your phone in the title and if it's the wrong one just send it back. 

Why ASAP? It won`t destroy or damage my phone?

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