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Threadripper in Dan Case A4-SFX!?

Ok so first post! Have watched Linus for years. Seen almost every video and get notifications for new ones. Totally in love with the show and his personality. But anyway I’m also in love with the Dan case A4- SFX. And I know asus makes a ROG Strix x499 mini itx. I want to know if anyone has heard of this fitting in this case. Total build I’m looking for is


GTX 1080ti (Amp extreme of possible)

•Threadripper 2950x

•ASUS ROG Strix x470 Mini-ITX

•Mini 92-120mm water cooler

•Samsung 970 Pro 1-2TB nVME

•Dan case A4-SFX

•SFX power supply


I am a DJ, music producer. And avid gamer. I’ll take the FPS loss over my initial idea of a 8700k/9900k. Been usuing my early 2011 MBP with i7 2.3 ghz quad core upgraded with RAID 0 Samsung 860 egos and 16gb DDR3 ram, and is really like to treat myself after years of gig money saved up. The dan case is small enough to fit perfectly in this padded backpack I have but if I have to go for another case I’d really like to stay under 6 liters. 


 Price under $3-4000 isn’t a issue. Just hoping I can get this thing up and running fast. Thank you everybody 

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11 minutes ago, Thorieo said:


That isn't a TR4 motherboard


the smallest motherboard for threadripper is the ASrock Taichi X399M Micro ATX motherboard, in addition a small case is likely going to lack the cooling your chip needs if it goes under a full load.

Are you sure an 8 core R7 2700 isn't good enough for now? Because AM4 might get 12 or 16 cores in the future anyways. Though then the VRM of the ITX board may be questionable, at least beyond stock settings.

I edit my posts a lot, Twitter is @LordStreetguru just don't ask PC questions there mostly...



What is your budget/country for your new PC?


what monitor resolution/refresh rate?


What games or other software do you need to run?



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Yeah a r7 2700/x would be plenty and should be just stock on itx, and would also probably keep better temps than threadripper in a case that small.  I don't know if getting a 120mm aio or a good enough tower cooler that fits is a better idea, because I don't have benchmarks for thermals in that case.  You could always get a box pc that you can't put in a backpack, but can still easily transport around if you want threadripper or better (in comparison) thermal headroom.

I might not know what I'm talking about but I'm gonna say it anyways


Try using the PSU Tier List! 

How to reset the bios/clear the cmos

My current rig: Gigabyte Aero 15W v8-BK4 15"

CPU: Intel i7 8750-H 6-core

Ram: 1x16gb DDR4 2666 mHz

Storage: 512 m.2 nvme ssd

GPU: GTX 1060 6gb

Monitor: 23.8" Dell S2417DG 144hz g-sync 1440p + 27" Acer S271HL 60 Hz 1080p

Keyboard: Corsair Strafe RGB Cherry Mx Silent

Mouse: Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB, Steelseries Rival 600 

Headset: Philips SHP 9500 + Sennheiser hd598

Dac/Amp: Monoprice liquid spark (amp) + topping d10 (dac)


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