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Asus z97i-plus M.2 installation problem


Can someone please help?!

I've just bought a Samsung 860 Evo m.2 ssd after reading in the manual and online to check if my z97i-plus is compatible (witch it should be). The manual doesn't say much about the installation process and online I've only found people with the same problem as me.

The problem is that I can't figure out how the ssd is supposed to be installed.

There is a screw/nut installed in one of the mounting holes but it's not a standoff or long enough to be used to screw in the ssd. The only thing I can find that looks like some kind of standoff is sticking out of the other side of the motherboard(the top) right under the wireless card. 

This guy talks about pulling out and moving a standoff with pliers: https://pcpartpicker.com/b/wZ3Ff7

But I don't really understand if he pulled out one of the standoffs on top of the mobo and moved it to the back.

I've included some pictures that might help to clarify my problem.

Any help is appreciated!






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Nvm I figured it out. The nut/screw thing is actually just a screw screwed in to the standoff. You just need something to hold the nut part of it still to unscrew the mounting screw from the standoff

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