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Gamers of low budget or hardware rejoice


So this is going to come off as some sort of sponsorship thing, but it isn't, I just wanted to share this because I've wasted months trying to save up for a decent machine and this solution works better for me at a cheaper price and I wish I'd known about this sooner.


So I have two computers. A work notebook that is modern but obviously have onboard graphics and is not suitable for gaming and a linux desktop that barely works with 4GB DDR2 and a Q8200 core 2 atm. Neither of these are gaming boxes. Yet today I have spent half of the day playing fallout 4 on them on ultra settings. How? Cloud gaming. I've tried a few startups for this in the past but it's never quite been ready. Latency was too much of an issue or the graphics quality was too lacking. I've finally found one that works, and I thought I should share that in case anyone else is in the same situation, of being unable to play modern games due to lack of upfront funds for hardware. 


How well it works will, of course, depend on your internet speed, and while it took a little playing around with and configuring I was able to continue playing fallout 4 on max today while on a 22mbps wireless connection (though it's smoother when I'm on my home 52mbps ethernet). If anyone does go for this I'll happily help them with the steps I took to get it working well. 


And to prove it's not a sponsorship thing I'll give you both the discount code that gives me £10 off my next months bill and the one that doesn't, though both still give you £10 off and you do get 14 days to change your mind if it doesn't work. 


Shadow is around £26/$34/m



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Oh, and it says it works on android and IOS is coming. I've not managed to get any games running on my S7 tbh, though there are videos that look cool but, to me at least, impractical for games designed for a much bigger screen.

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