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My PC died?


Hi, yesterday I post a forum asking for a strange noise in my PSU, noise that could be heard right in the back of the CPU stock.

Someone tell me that could be the hard disk, so I disconnected it and try, the noise was still there, I reconnect the disk, (disk where windows it's not installed), I get a blue screen of windows, with the error "bad system info" y did the disckchek and was all alright, I entered to the BIOS and all was working, I restarted the PC and where a blue screen, without windows, so I disconnected all and just let it, today I turned on again to see. And now it even doesn't start, all the lights turn on, and turn off, and restart, I dont know what to do, I will take the PC to someone, but I wish to know if someone could know wtf happened

Thank you and sorry if there's a mistake on my English

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